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Diff.b/w Frames and container?

Diff.b/w Frames and container?..

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A frame is a data-structure for representing a stereotyped situation, like being in a certain kind of living room, or going to a child's birthday party. Attached to each frame are several kinds of information. Some of this information is about how to use the frame. Some is about what one can expect to happen next. Some is about what to do if these expectations are not confirmed.
We can think of a frame as a network of nodes and relations. The "top levels" of a frame are fixed, and represent things that are always true about the supposed situation. The lower levels have many terminals–"slots" that must be filled by specific instances or data.

A Container is an object that stores other objects (its elements), and that has methods for accessing its elements. In particular, every type that is a model of Container has an associated iterator type that can be used to iterate through the Container's elements.
There is no guarantee that the elements of a Container are stored in any definite order; the order might, in fact, be different upon each iteration through the Container. Nor is there a guarantee that more than one iterator into a Container may be active at any one time. (Specific types of Containers, such as Forward Container, do provide such guarantees.)

A Container "owns" its elements: the lifetime of an element stored in a container cannot exceed that of the Container itself.

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