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Q.1)how write negative & positive test cases
Q.2 )write negative & positive test cases for i-pod

Q.1)how write negative & positive test cases Q.2 )write negative & positive test cases for ..

Answer / slal

Q1. Negative test cases are always intented to find a
failure result eg: Username should not be larger than 8
characters result: Authentication failed.
Positive test case is expected a pass or positive
result. eg: Confirmation pop up message should be populated
when OK button is clicked. result: Pop up message is

Q2. Negative test cases.
1. Press power button and ipod is not turn on.
2. No disaply on screen
3. If ipod is on then touch menu and tracks are not
4. headphone has a improper connectivity.

Positive test cases.
1. when power button is pressed ipod is turn on
2. increase the volume seekbar and volume is increased.
3. click on album and all tracks are displayed

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