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tel about the tourist post

tel about the tourist post..

Answer / shalina

is the very beautiful turist place ,lake ,nature

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tell about ur self,what do u know about call center n iam an Be graduate how i should answer

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Hi.., am weak in Voice and Accent round.. So could u please tell me the sites to practice

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what is the call center

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I have,on an average spent 2.5 years in every company that I have worked for. Only this time I am planing to move out in 6 months. I am being asked the same question in every interview, as to why I am leaving so soon. I cant tell them that I do not like the current company that I am working for. What is the best answer that I can possibly give? I am being judged for stability wihch is not true in my case

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what is your expectation to our company? and what is my expectation from you?

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How will you manage your study?

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what r the advantages & disadvantages of teamleader?

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