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What are inline functions?

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What are inline functions?..

Answer / roshanpr

Functions that are expanded inline ( that we during there
call) is called inline functions.

Usually when there there is a function call the control is
taken to the function definition where the code is executed
and then the control returns back to main. But in case of
inline function there is no jump in the flow, rather the
function it self is expanded at the place of call.

You can make function inline in two ways.

1) Prefixing keyword "inline" durin the function
2) By defining the function inside the class declaration

Ex: shows both the implementation

Class myClass

int age;

inline void getAge();
void showAge()

void myClass getAge()

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What are inline functions?..

Answer / laxman

Inline function :-

In genereal function call branching method is there . In
inline function substitution takes place . Inline
functions are expanded during compilation . Exectution
becomes fast and branching is eliminated. Inline word is a
request but not command. If inline is not possible compiler
takes it like a genral function call.
1 function should be small
2. Controll statements are not valid like for ,while

if u need more mail to me

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