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A Old Government Job retired Personnel who is getting his
Pension amount@Rs.11000/- per month.
He has put his retirement Fund in Bank Deposit for 1 year.

No Bank is deducted TDS on that amount.

Do we have any way by which his TDS can be refunded or saved

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Managing Director personal income tax is company exp ? in which a/c ledger we should debit MD income tax amount ? Property tax is exp. or liabilities ?

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what is capital good and asset as per excise.

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If the purchaser did not submit form "c" while purchase from outside state, and he charged for 12.5 % vat, then can he claim input credit for Rs. 12.5 % ?

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A newly start business person purchase material from out sate by paying advance tax to commercial tax dept. And collect road permit for purchasing the material which consider the cst-form. But he not registered in that state. Where he is paying adv.Tax -if he eligible for the c-form.

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Pls can you write briefly about procedure of Auditing of VAT, Service Tax and Central Excise?

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