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Can you make 120 with 5 Zeroes?

Can you make 120 with 5 Zeroes?..

Answer / arthi


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in your organization in what way(phases) s/w is developed and in what way testing will be conducted?

0 Answers   Satyam,

what is the defference between test specification and test plan?

0 Answers   Virtusa,

disk swapping is a feature used in

0 Answers  

You are given two candles of equal size which can burn 1 hours each. You have to measure 90 minutes with these candles.( there is no scale or clock). Also u r given a lighter.

1 Answers   Amazon,,

dns is an acronym for

1 Answers  

what are the major differences in requirement when compared among SW project requirement and Product requirement

0 Answers   Analogue Systems,

HI Friends. this is balu. I am looking for testing job in chennai. If u know anything regarding job information. pls send a mail to me

0 Answers  

what is sdlc?

1 Answers  


5 Answers  

Which company made 'Office Hindi' softwear?

2 Answers   CDAC,

what did u do in the sap sd project ?how did u maping your client business?plz i need help....

0 Answers  

why we call water fall model as waterfall

3 Answers  

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