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what is the diffrence between bpo and callcenter

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what is the diffrence between bpo and callcenter..

Answer / sudhakar mani tripathi

The BPO processing consists of the busineess processing is the outsource of all the business
processes.And the call centers consits o the centre of the
solution of all the telephonic problems or in the barriers
of the communicating with the other persons.if we have any
problem with the schemes,recharge vouchers,any queries
about schemes.These problemes have the solution in the Call

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what is the diffrence between bpo and callcenter..

Answer / sumit

Full form of BPO is Business process outsourcing , where is
some mutual aggrement between the two company,One is the
owner and second one is the service provider.The second
company agree to provide solution on behalf of the owner
company.But in call center,you will get the solution via
medium of telephone and by sending onsite engg.

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what is the diffrence between bpo and callcenter..

Answer / sonu kumar

Bpo full form is Business process out sourcing it means agreement of two compancy one is the owner and second is the service provider . and secend company sign the agreement in limited period of provide the service in the behaff of owner . And the call center provide the facility via call . I give the exampley like idea cellular compny provide the network and give the connectivity to the custom er . and give the customer care department to iind party. And in this seachvation all give the customer solution by the only calling mailing chating ,as per my view this the call center and Bpo industries.

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what is the diffrence between bpo and callcenter..

Answer / guest

b.p.o neans is business process outsourcing.

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