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what is class.forname() and how it will be useful ?

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what is class.forname() and how it will be useful ?..

Answer / amit singh

it is useful when you don't know about the class as compile
time you must to use it you pass the class name as a string
its a part of reflection api
but you used it when you connect through db
and many more you should do when you don't know the class
at compile time
and also above which mention by pradip right
amit09mca(scjp 1.5 and manymore)

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what is class.forname() and how it will be useful ?..

Answer / pradip

class.forname() is used to create an instance of a class on
the basis of the name in string format instead of doing new
Class. One of its use is in cases where you have some
generic (common) logic to call methods of some classes just
on the basis of the names of the class and the method. The
example of reflection shown below uses the logic.

performAction(String className, String methodName) {
Class class = Class.forName(className);
MethodUtils.invokeMethod(class.newInstance, methodName,

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what is class.forname() and how it will be useful ?..

Answer / keerthi

In java we are using class.forName("classname")in jdbc
for creating instance of driverclass at the same to
registering with drivermanager.

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