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what is sensex

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what is sensex..

Answer / satish

The Sen sex is an indicator of all the major companies of
the BSE.
It gives you a general idea about whether most of the stocks
have gone up or most of the stocks have gone down.

Sen sex represents the top stocks of the BSE

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what is sensex..

Answer / abhiram

Sensex in the index of Bombay Stock Excahnge it shows 30
companies trading results every day.

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what is sensex..

Answer / v.naga jyothi

Sensex is an graphical representation of the different
stock markets results related to various companys in the
entire world.

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what is sensex..

Answer / cherukuri.p.r.k.vara prasasd

sensex is also called sensitivity index.
The index of Bombay stock exchange is called sensex.
Bombay stock exchange is the largest stock exchange in India.
overall 4700 companies are listed in it.
sensex is 30 share index

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what is sensex..

Answer / srinivas.s

Sensex stands for SENSTIVITY INDEX,it is the indicator of
stock market movments,which is constructed by BSE(Bombay
Stock Exchange)considering 30 stocks.i.e 30

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what is sensex..

Answer / mayank daroga- 9555097961

"SEN-SEX" it gives you the sensitivity of the market, It comprises of 30 companies. it tells you the performance of the market as a whole. and you can figure out the individual performance of the company. But remember that it is not the only indicator of any company's performance because hike in share price does not mean that company is doing better. It may happen that company has taken loan to give dividend, hence it is not the only factor to consider before invest.

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what is sensex..

Answer / varun.b

On 30 stocks see the list of the companies:

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what is sensex..

Answer / amrita kumari

Sensex is Market index of Bombay Stock Exchange Which
Consist of sares of 50 companies of having larger market
captalisation, inustrywise.

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what is sensex..

Answer / shraddha

IT means sensitivity Index. It has 50 stocks in it.

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