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What is TDS rate of Salary head?

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What is TDS rate of Salary head? ..

Answer / vishal basuthkar

TDS rates given as under
for Individual Assessees for AY 2010-11
Upto 160000 Nil
160001-300000 10%
300001-500000 20%
500001 and above 30%

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What is TDS rate of Salary head? ..

Answer / pawan rokade

As per slab rates prescribed for women, senior citizens and
other individuals.

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What is TDS rate of Salary head? ..

Answer / j.s

I thinks the rate of Income tax is same in TDS

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What is TDS rate of Salary head? ..

Answer / mohan

sorry guys i don't know pls give me the correct and proper

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What is TDS rate of Salary head? ..

Answer / manish kumar shah

the tds rate is 10.3% on the salary receivable after
allowing deduction of slabs for individuals, women and
senior citizens as prescribed in finance act and providing
chapter VIA deductions if applicable.

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