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what is liability

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what is liability..

Answer / anudeep

liability is the present obligation of the entity

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what is liability..

Answer / abdullah amer

liabilities refer to the financial obligation of an
enterprise other than owenr,s investment
it may be current liabilities or long term liabilities.

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what is liability..

Answer / simran singh

1liability is anything that is a hindrance or puts an
individual at a disadvantage,
2An amount of money in a company that is owed to someone
and has to be paid in the future, such as tax, debt,
interest, and mortgage payments
There are two general classifications to sum up these types
of liability: long term and short term. Long-term describes
debt paid out over more than one year, while short-term
liability refers to debt paid within a year or less.

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what is liability..

Answer / narendra

whatever is payable for a firm is liability.

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what is liability..

Answer / hemant

what we have to due regarding the firm that is the part of
Means weather we have pay to govt. or have the liabilites
in business allover is the part of liabilites
so whaterver is the due for business that is the part of

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what is liability..

Answer / pradeep & devaraj from gfs

liability is a debt owed by the others for running the
business concern

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what is liability..

Answer / anoop.m

Liabilities Means: Expenses is booked.But not Incured

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