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Can an indian company issue shares at par value to an indian

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What is the Judicial Review Council?

2 Answers  

Sir, I have applied for the post of Office superintendent in Charity commissioner, Mumbai. I have required the previous year exam question papers or which question are likely to be asked for the such exam.

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can a bill discounted be endorsed without acceptance .

0 Answers   Baidu,

If you were posted to our paris office, how would you expect the work there to differ from that in london?

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suppose one dealer has hq at mumbai and branch office at delhi. the dealer make stock transfer of his product from mumbai to delhi by rail and sell product to his party on arrival at delhi after raising invoice on VAT. He deliver the product to party's godown directly from railway siding without sending the material in own godown. Is it branch stock transfer or inter state sale under cst?

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What views are you having on the policies of the Legal Services Commission?

0 Answers   Bajaj,

if any employees "basic+ da" is more than 6500, then, it is mandatory for employer for epf deduction?

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What is your alternative career, if law not be the avenue for you?

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what are the major problems or opportunities facing the legal industry?

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What is TDS on Deposits?What is the periodicity of deduction of tax?When the tax is deducted on a term deposit?

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Is it necessary to deduct return goods from invoice amount to get c form issued ? Will we be penalized if we have got C forms issued for the total invoice amount without deducting return goods 

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What are the basic questions asked in Judicial Interview?

3 Answers