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Most of the time you will be required to work without
direct supervision. Tell me about times when you were given
this autonomy and why you believe you are best suited for
this position?

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sir, this is Ramakrishna i am recently completed MBA from andhra university. present i am working in spencer retail store as a customer service attendant(CSA). but this post suitable to 10th or intermediate range. some of my colleagues says this job is not suitable to me.if i am resign this job whats my position. is there any growth in spencer to mba's.

1 Answers   Spencers,

which artical of constitution provides provision for amendment.

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i am a phrma gratuate.currently working in pharma sales for last 2 years. but have no production exp. in future in have a plan to start for a production unit of otc(over the counter) product but not yet specified. now my query is that WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA FOR OPENING A PRODUCTION UNIT?

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How much you will prepare on the files for trial do you do?

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Have you any questions about law?

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Would you be able to do time-recording?

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Define a miracle.

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Is divorce in shia imami ismaili community valid by indian court of law . How do we get the degree of divorce from the court . plz.reply . thank you .

2 Answers  

How are the Superior Courts structured?

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i worked in TCS for 2 months and then i joined another company. now TCS sent me a mail to give RS 65,661 as per the bond that too within 15 days. what should i do? help me

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If you were posted to our paris office, how would you expect the work there to differ from that in london?

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i am a vat & cst registered dealer in Jaipur, if i transfer a goods to delhi branch shoul i have to pay cst 2%?

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