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why i came back from usa to india

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I am in 12 class now and I have gap of 4 years between my 10 & 12. Will my student visa reject because of this ?

1 Answers  

How can you get the money back since you will spend a lot if you study in US?

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I ws rejected an US visa under F1 Twice n I hav reapplied 4 it under B1/B2 cat.evn thn i gt that rejected.Nw i would lk 2 gt married n wuld lk to Pursue my studies abroad as a Doctor.My question here is whether my past rejection play a role here n pose any future problems in getting a Visa ,Iwould lk to gt the ans soon ...Plss do help me...........

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Do you have any friends or relatives in USA? Have you hired any consultant for admissions and Visa processing?

3 Answers   US Consulate,

I have done MBA from India, wanted to do MS in Business Intelligence from USA. Can any 1 tell will I face difficulty in visa interview and how is the university that I have choosen, i.e university of northern virginia (unacredited) and Saint Joseph University(PA)

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2 Answers   US Consulate,

3 watt ke light me kitna bill uthega . O watt light me kitna bill uthega.

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hii dear boys and girls. i have done an eng diploma from punjab,india. i wanna take admission in california, usa. so pls give me sugestions about colleges in fremont,california,usa.

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please justify your self why do i need to approve your visa?

2 Answers  

if i am not given any ielts and toefel then is it possible to f1 visa for cpt mba . the college doesn't required any visa..........?

2 Answers  

my agent says i have to show up incometax return of rupees 3 lakhs or above of my father and my father have only 1.25 lakh rupees return.can i show up my brother and uncle's taxreturns?

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Do I need relieving letter from the company I work in to get a f1 visa?

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