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Audit Interview Questions
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if a person is transferred to other place he has not prepared any report regarding AUDIT and someone else is joined in his place and IF AUDIT IS CONDUCTED WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PENDING PREPORT


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Explain the exact meaning of debit note and credit note in the case of hospital business mainly in case of billing?


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whta is the current SBAR? Please provide the past rates from 1st january 2011 to till date.


under wchic head will Goodwill come

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what will be the accounting treatement when we are booking sales in our books and we know that the Debto will deduct the TDS and then will pay the amount

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can external audit be seen as merely an overhead cost adding no value to the orgnisation

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If calls in arrears are presented in the balance sheet in the last year, but they were not received. So how to give the accounting treatment?

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During the year a firm has received TDS of Rs.30 lakhs and out of this an amount of Rs.9 lakhs was adjusted against the taxes. However, in the balance sheet under the head assets,the firm shown Rs.30 lakhs towards TDS. Is it correct. In my openion, in the balance sheet, the assessee has to show only Rs.21 lakhs as asset in the balance sheet, after reducing the tax adjustemnt of Rs.9 lakhs. Pl. Clarify.

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What is meant by Perk?

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A company paid Mr.R an advance payment of Rs 5000 as tour allowance. After the tour R, submitted travel bill with a expense of Rs3000. He return Rs 1000 and claimed to pay the rest 1000 on a future date. Please pass the journal entries.

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what r journal entry transaction

Accenture, HP, OPI Global,

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What should i give answere when interviewer ask me to tell me about your self ? plz reply


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What is the meaning of XBRL??


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what are the duties of an internal auditor

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surrender of shares


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What is statutory audit?


How does an internal audit differ from an external audit?


how to prepare the internal audit sheet ? explain me with example. (take example of LOGISTICS& SUPPLYCHAIN MANGEMENT COMPANY)


What sort of image do you have?


What does an internal audit charter contain?


What should the internal auditor?


Audit strategy based


What do you know about KPMG?


Whats are the importance of evaluating an internal audit department?


Why does a systems auditor need to use professional judgement when selecting audit procedures?


What is the mean of statutory audit?


what are the main tools of auditing?


central excise all question


Explain the difference between internal audit and external audit?


can external audit be seen as merely an overhead cost adding no value to the orgnisation