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Audit Interview Questions
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What are your career plans?

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What do you see as "a good job"?

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what do you expect to be doing on a day to day basis as a audit trainee?

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How to do audit?


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What do you find is the most challenging part of your job ?

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What is the most important part of your job ?

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What is your major weakness?

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Do you have any principale towards job?

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What is a deffered revenue & deffered expenses ? what is a means of accured revenue & accured expenses? before & after

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Audit evidence obtained directly by the auditor will not be reliable if: A) the auditor lacks the qualifications to evaluate the evidence. B) it is provided by the client's attorney. C) the client denies its veracity. D) it is impossible for the auditor to obtain additional corroboratory evidence.

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7. Sarbanes-Oxley requires auditors of public companies to maintain audit documentation for what period of time? A) Not less than 3 years. B) Not less than 5 years. C) Not less than 7 years. D) Through the issuance of the financial statements.

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what is debit

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How Will U Verify in Salaries whether TDS is deducted or not?

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The difference between interim audit and final audit?

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What is the difference between compliance testing and substantive testing?

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What sort of image do you have?


Explain the importance of evaluating an internal audit department?


What should the internal auditor?


Audit strategy based


How I can evaluate the internal control audit?


Would you consider alternative vacancies if so which:


What is an internal audit?


What is the role of internal audit?


What are the reasons for getting audited?


what audit procedure i can do in the share capital account of a company and why it have been apply?


Should the duty of creating a purchase order be segregated from the duty of creating a vendor?


What is the difference between internal audit and statutory audit?


What is an internal audit and what is the role of internal audit?


Why a company or firm should carry out the audit related work.


please tell me how to take the stock of goods in Tally ERP9 in case of Useing FORM F (Company Sent the Stock Send me against Form 38 & after sale He want from me FORM F ) Thank U