Accounting Interview Questions
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What is Deferred income what is the difference between accrued income how it will effect on Financial statement

Cap Gemini,


One car company raised an invoice of 30k to its customer, which includes car's price and one year service price of 1600 (cost). They work on 25% margin. How much amount will go to Income statement and B/S?


what is opening stock formula?


entry for cash received from debtors


Real,Nominal or Personal. Where do reserves, general reserve and Specific Reserve Go? and why?


drawings by making a DD from bank ( suppose payable towards UIT ) and on cancellation on such DD what journal entry needs to be passed ?


Goods destroyed by fire rs.2000 and insurance company claim rs 1250. This is shown on adjustment,how is it posting on profit and loss account and balance sheet


Please share different type of Z report


if co. (proprietorship). purchase mobile phone for employees than mobile phones under off. equipment .we have rec. purchase bill gst applicable how shows entry


Sold goods to Gasha 600 by cash


I want to know that , If we called a person for one day for drive our company van or any other purpose. so how it will accounted in our (i.e companies) Books of accounts....


If we are placing the order in amazon on behalf of the customer who is ordered from other e-commerce sites and the goods is directly billed to the customer address from the amazon sellers and for the same we are receiving some profit at that in our books of account what entries need to be passed...?? do i eligible to get the ITC on the GST amount paid..??


Hi, If I am placing the order in amazon on behalf of the customer who place the order in other e-commerce application in which If I mention the billing address of the customer and goods will be delivered to the customer from amazon ,and other E-commerce site will deduct their commission on the certain % and make the payment to me on some what profit at that time how should maintain my books of account..??


sir, i want t know, i got a cheque frm sindhu (that amount i gave her as rent advance, she is returning nw) bt the cheque has cancled and bank take cheque return charges so plz give this journal entries.


how to posting tally esi employer contribution and pf employer contibution not included in salary

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting }

what should be the research and methodology of business taxation?


what is fillup form when company issue c form


which of the following procedure would auditor lease likely perform in planning a financial statement audit?


What is FBT & Service Tax Remittances?


Can a company deduct TDS & provide TDS certificate for a bill without actually making payment towards the same??


We have got 5 firms. Same partner only running all the firms. Salary is going from one firm. But if we go for PT registration it is asking number of employees. I don't know how to fill the form in online. Any one can help me?


what is mba tell me the more benefits in mba


describe the rule of garner vs murray and how it relates to the dissolution of a partnership


We are working as Merchant Exporter. My Question is can we Sale the products against 'H' Form to the Exporter after purchasing the material against 'C' Form? Or only Manufacturer can make sale against 'H' Form.


What is meant by Revenue Loss


I have an S Corporation called Trend Foods Inc. I would like to make a division of that company that services computers and call that Trend Computer Service. I do not want to set up another Corporation for Trend Computer Service. Can I just make a division of Trend Foods and what paperwork do I need to fill out to make that happen? Thanks for the help, Jim


what is revenue recognition rule, and can you specify the answer.


Short Answer on __________Measurement


Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?


salary and rent entry with tds deduct