Accounting Interview Questions
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Dear sir, I have complete in march 2007, for past 4year i am doing some marketing jobs in insurance sector, now i need to change my job in accounting sector, i have heard that by doing SAP Fico there will be better opurtunity in corporate companies.


what are all the itmes comes in balance sheet

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duties of bank finance manager



What is the difference between shares and debenture?

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what is the capital

Capital IQ,

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During the financial year if i had made CST purchase in may 2011 Rs.200000/-, in july 2011 Rs.150000/-, in august 2011 Rs.100000/- so for the above transaction i have to obtain three C forms for each transactions now let me clear that by providing relevent details to the Tax department when they will provide me the c forms for the above transactions?

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what is the meaning of debit and credit

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what is the golden principles of accountin

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What is Tally

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in gujarat. whether Vat is applicable if H form issue ?


where is applicable WCT & what is limitation for applicable it on company.


Hellow this is ravindra wanted to know about excise duty rates pls suggest


How Accounting is useful to Business

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What is the ment of Classifying?

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting }

Meaning of portfolio management?


what is sales life cycle???


can anyone provide me the Balance Sheet Items & P & L Items with Accounting Heads with Accounting codes?


Can anybody tell me diference between provisions of Profit and Loss account prepared as per company act & Income Tax Act?


why VAT not charged in deemed sales bill.


one bank account transaction example ebanking raj medical 500000 dr. second bank account ebanking raj medical 500000 cr what is the entry in tally erp can it is contra contry or not please explain


pass journal entries of the following transaction in the books of AG sindh, AGPR,FTO and SBP: 1)DDo sindh house submitted a bill for purchase of furniture to AGPR islamabad for Rs.200000 on 20th March 09; 2)AGPR issued cheque on 2nd april which was cleared by SBP on 5th April; 3)On 26th may, voucher were exchanged in the clearing house; 4)On 28th May, AG sindh issued advise to settlement to SBP karachi; 5)On 5th june,SBP HQ karachi sends a copy of clearnce memo along with bank statement to AG sindh and AGPR for settlement made on 31st May.


What is the %age of T.A.,D.A.,H.R.A.,BASIC


What was use of tally erp 9? Types of vat?


How to group the companies in tally?


The Horse bought rs. 2000 on Jan.20th died, its carcase was sold for rs.50 loss rs. 1950 what is journal enty


in which group under we will open donation and hamali weekly payment account or ledger


You placed an Order for some books but it was not delivered on time or the books were damaged, so are write Complaint Letter to the Shopkeeper about it.


central exices


I am a Leaving Cert Student. From Solutions to exam questions etc. I know what to do with the following adjustment but I cannot explain why. A thypical Adjustment is: A building is acquired for €60000 plus VAT at 10%. The amount paid to the Vendor was entered in the Buildings Account. No entry made in the VAT account. Could you explain why the VAT amount is deducted from the VAT amount in the TB? And why it is sometimes an Asset in the BS. Thank you, Mary