Accounting Interview Questions
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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting }

What is accounts payable?


should pranav mukherjee has done things good, by giving burden to vodafone a huge tax will not affect our fdi???


purchase return liability or asset?should it be included in the balanced sheet?


how to prepare mba finance for interview questions


what is a rule for issue form 38 and tham form c any purchaser can issue form 38 or there is certain rule and regulation.


If balancing account is not assigned to company & is assigned to department wat will be the effects


what is city commodity tax


What is contract accounting?


We are a UK company selling electronic s/w licenses to customer in India. We have a PAN Number. Why is TDS being deducted on a product? Why is TDS calculated on the invoice value - surely it is supposed to be on Income and not Turnover? What is the correct TDS % deduction?


how to pass journal entries for reverse tax on input tax paid


A company primarily operating from own land, takes on rent building for staff quarters. Whether rent paid on such staff quarters qualifies as capital investment?


Short Answer on _____________Whole Sale Trade


My balance sheet is tallied. But there is a difference of RO 1 in cash flow. How to adjust ?


What is Mean By FRS for HQ reporting, How To Prepare?


what is correct accounting treatment for preliminary exps and pre-operative Expsas per AS 26? or any other applicable AS?