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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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full form of sensex?

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i have done bio & pursuing mba in an interview they asked why r u doing mba after


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if u have done bio than why did you opt FINANCE as your specialization?????


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How to write an E-mail in IT Company to the Customer ?

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I have worked in IT company for 2 years the I joined MBA in Finance so companies during Interview ask that why have you shifted from IT to Finance?


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what is reconciliation of assets?

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1.Define Tax Avoidance? 2.Define Tax Evation? 3.Define Tax Planning? 4.Define Tax Management? 5.what are the effort to checj Tax evation?

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write short note:- a)Person, b)Assessee, c)Deemed Assessee, D)Agricultural Income

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what is capital adequate ratio


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We are receiving inflation in a numeric value. Can you explain how the number is arrived?? And CRR is the ratio of the money the Bank/institution has to keep the money with the RBI. Is there any interest being paid by RBI to the Bank for the cash reserve fund with the RBI?

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14 principles of henery feyoul

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ipls send me the type of interview questions asked in andhra bank clerical interview


What is Corporate finance, Corporate governance, Role of SEBI, Ratio analysis in terms of equity and capital structuring? Please post answers as soon as possible. thankyou.


What is diluted EPS? in finance what is the use of diluted EPS?

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hi,i am mba finance student in 3 rd to i prepare for interview,i m intersted to banking which post i will get in campus selaction.

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What Are The Different Types Of Equity Market?


How these qualifications are helpful to you in discharging the duties of Officer Grade A?


Explain debt service coverage ratio.


How does RBI earn profits?


What is appreciation and depreciation of currency?


I am attending the interview in ICICI BANK i need the interview tips and questions


Why is debt a cheaper source of finance?


What are main courses that price of the share goes up and down in daily transaction?


What is CPI? How is it calculated?


What are the provisions to protect the interest of small depositors?


what is mean by Ratio analysis in the orgnations?


Define CRR? What is the current CRR?


What are the types of working capital?


What's the different between prop trading and market-making?


Do you know the difference between extrovert and introvert?