Metallurgy Interview Questions
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What kind of shell systems are used for investment casting?

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Why are the superalloys used for land-based turbines?

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What kind of components are fabricated from the superalloys, and what are their roles?

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What kinds of NDT methods are available?

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Why is non-destructive testing necessary?

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What are the superalloys?

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What are the superalloys used for?

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what is the cause of attenuation due to powerloss

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what happens when a EM wave is transmitted

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Please send me the comparision of Mils Steel Specification as per BS EN 10130 & IS 2062

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What metal would be better suited for heat transfer, reliability, and cost...??? I'm currently using Aluminum for a 'hot-wedge'.

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i m going to give an interview for iocl on 5th aug . pls tell me what questions can be answered from metallurgical prospect



what are the ores of copper?

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I currently use 17-7 PH stainless which is hardened to condition CH after forming. raw matl is .1.75"X .12" X .008". Its main usage after hardening is silicon wafer retainer where it's contantly cycled up and down to putin and remove wafer after 40-60 sec process at 400C temp. At this high temperature this part seemed to deform after a a couple of hundred wafer which is what it was designed for in the first place. THere is a proposal to go to a different material to increase lifeline of this part. My question is..... can 321 SST be a plugin replacement. I know this has a higher temp rating but how about its forming characteristics, will it have spring properties, and wont become brittle after prolonged exposure to 400C.



any input on how to spec out(if possible) a larger grain structure(3/8" or larger) on a Al 6061 forging material.



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what are metallurgical microscopes?


What is thermodynamic state of metal?


Does the extrusion process for a355 and a356 alloy have any impact on the impact energy?


what should be the exact suction capacity for 3 to 5 mt capacity lead rotary furnace and length of duct line for proper suction for same


Why is chromium molybdenum steels used to build pressure vessels? Define what is special about the properties of chromium molybdenum steels that make them ideal for pressure vessels?


The hardness of steel depends on


Which metals do not react with lithium bromide ad why?


What is the material of E185


The requirement for ASTM A217 Gr. WC9 castings for valves components like Body and Bonnet were Normalising at 920+/- 20 Deg. C and Tempring 780+/- 20 Deg. C The specification calls furnace shall be calibtated within +/-14 deg. C The Heat Chart shows minimum temperature for normalising 900 to 920 Deg. C, but maximum temperature 960-990 Deg. C Tempering 780+/-20 Deg. C is within limits and accepted. Casting having integral test bars, heat trated along with castings passed in chemical znalysis and mechanical properties. Since normalising maximum temperature is not meeting specification, where castings can be salvaged or renormalised and retempered to meet specification. Whether it will have affect on remechanical properties testing


Define what is the casting and forging?


Define what is widman statten structure?


Define what is the metallurgy use? Define what is the casting and forging?


Which type of furnace is required in solution annealing?


How is solution annealing carried out? Define what type of furnace is required? Does one need to be heat in a salt bath?


Discuss the basic functionioning of air conditioner.