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Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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Question 61 – A biochemical trolley of mass 15 kg is towing a trailer of mass 5 kg along a straight horizontal pathway. The trailer and the trolley are connected by a light inextensible tow-bar. The engine of the trolley exerts a driving force of magnitude 100 N. The trailer and the trolley experience resistances of magnitude 10 N and 30 N respectively. (a) Form 2 equations with unknowns T and a, that represents the equilibrium for the 2 systems of the trolley and trailer. (b) Solve the simultaneous equations from the 2 equations that are obtained in part (a) of this question. T is the tension of the tow-bar and a is the acceleration.

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Question 62 – The names of the flow streams could be represented by : H1 for first hot stream, H2 for second hot stream, C1 for first cold stream, C2 for second cold stream. Data of supply temperature Ts in degree Celsius : 150 for H1, 170 for H2, 30 for C1, 30 for C2. Data of target temperature Tt in degree Celsius : 50 for H1, 169 for H2, 150 for C1, 40 for C2. Data of heat capacity Cp in kW / degree Celsius : 3 for H1, 360 for H2, 3 for C1, 30 for C2. (a) Find the enthalpy changes, dH for all streams of flow H1, H2, C1 and C2 in the unit of kW. Take note of the formula dH = (Cp) (Tt - Ts). (b) Match the hot streams H1 and H2 with the suitable cold streams C1 and C2 to achieve the maximum energy efficiency.

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Question 63 – Autocad computer program is used to draw a pipe that is used to transport natural gases for processing. Actual length of the pipe is 10 metres. The pipe has cross sectional area of circle in shape with measured circumference of s = 3 metres. (a) If 10 units are used to represent the actual length of the pipe in computerised engineering drawing, find the diameter of the pipe, d that will be shown in the engineering drawing. (b) If one unit in the program equals to 1 centimetre, find the scale used in the computer program.

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In which state sulphur exists at 40 degrees temperature and 40 atmospheric pressure in natural gas having sulphur composition 0.1 ppm?

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Question 64 – According to a heuristic of chemical engineering plant design, assume a pressure difference dP = 4 psi for each 10-ft rise in elevation. A pump is needed to pump liquid from a storage tank at a lower elevation to a heating tank at a higher elevation with the elevation difference of 60 ft. (a) Find the pressure loss due to such elevation. (b) If the required minimum inlet pressure to the heating tank is 9 psi, with 1 control valve is installed between pump and heating tank, what is the dP minimum required for the control valve and the entrance to the heating tank when the heuristic mentions that at least 10 psi is required for the control valve? (c) The pressure at the inlet of the pump is 8 psi and the flowrate of the liquid produces pressure head of 50 psi. What is the total pressure produced by the pump? (d) Assume a pipeline dP of 2 psi / 100 ft for liquid flow in a pipe according to heuristic, what is the approximate maximum length of the pipe in ft that can be installed between the pump and the heating tank?

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Question 65 – A differential equation is given as y” + 5y’ + 6y = 0, y(0) = 2 and y’(0) = 3. By using Laplace transform, an engineer has correctly produced the equation L {y} = (2s + 13) / [(s + 2)(s + 3)] = A / (s + 2) + B (s + 3). (a) Find the values of A and B. (b) The inversed Laplace transform of 1 / (s + a) is given by exp (-at) where a is a constant. If the statement : L {y} = 9 L { exp (-2t) } - 7 L { exp (-3t) } is correct, find the equation of y as a function of t as a solution to the differential equation stated in the beginning of this question. When L {d} = 9 L {b} - 7 L {c}, then d = 9b - 7c with b, c and d are unknowns.

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Question 66 – The drag coefficient Cd = 0.05 and lift coefficient Cl = 0.4 for a levelled flow aircraft are measured. The velocity of the aircraft is v = 150 ft / s with its weight W = 2677.5 pound-force. (a) Find the value of the lift of the aircraft, L, when it is also its weight. (b) The drag of the aircraft, D = Cd M, L = Cl M. Find the value of D. (c) The power required is P = Dv. If 1 pound-force x (ft / s) = 1.356 W, find the value of P in the unit of Watt or W.

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What is vapour flooding and liquid floodin in distillation?

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can hydrogen vent to atm openly from cylinder

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Why reflux is necessary in distillation column?

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what is first order of reaction?

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Cooling water line sizing ?

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Question 67 – In order to predict the wastewater production, the population number has to be understood. The population data is : 72000 (for year 1961 or P-1961), 85000 (for year 1971 or P-1971), 110500 (for year 1981 or P-1981). (a) Find the average population increase, or [ (P-1981 - P-1971) + (P-1971 - P-1961) ] / 2. (b) Find the average percentage population increase, or [ (P-1981 - P-1971) / P-1971 + (P-1971 - P-1961) / P-1961 ] / (2) X 100. (c) Find the incremental increase or P-1981 - 2 (P-1971) + P-1961. (d) Let Po = P-1981. After 2 decades or n = 2, the population is P-2001. By using arithmetical increase method, find P-2001 = Po + n (Answer for a). (e) By using incremental increase method, find P-2001 = (Answer of d) + n (n + 1) (Answer of c) / 2. (f) By using geometrical increase method, find P-2001 = Po [ 1 + (Answer of b) / 100 ] ^ n where ^ is power sign, or 1 ^ 2 = 1 x 1 = 1. (g) If the actual P-2001 = 184000, which method of estimation is more accurate, based on your answer in (d), (e) and (f)?

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Question 68 – Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) could be calculated using the formula BOD = (DOi - DOf) (Vb / Vs) where Vb = Volume of bottle in ml, Vs = Volume of sample in ml, DOi = Initial dissolved oxygen in mg / L, DOf = Final dissolved oxygen in mg / L. (a) By using a bottle of Vb = 300 ml with sample Vs = 30 ml, find the BOD if DOi = 8.8 mg / L and DOf = 5.9 mg / L. (b) By using a bottle Vb = 600 mL with sample Vs = 100 mL, find the BOD if DOi = 8.8 mg / L and DOf = 4.2 mg / L. (c) Find the average BOD = [ Answer of (a) Answer of (b) ] / 2. (d) If the BOD-5 test for (a) - (c) is run on a secondary effluent using a nitrification inhibitor, find the nitrogenous BOD (NBOD) = TBOD - CBOD. Let TBOD = 45 mg / L and CBOD = Answer of (c).

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Question 69 - A well delivers 225 US-gallons per minute of water to a chemical plant during normal system operation. (a) Calculate its flowrate in the unit of mega US-gallon per day or MGD. (b) The following formula is written next to the chlorine feed point : (chlorine feed rate, lb / day) = (flowrate, MGD) X (dose, mg / L) x (8.34). If this formula is correct, then what should the chlorine feed rate to be in pounds per day (lb / day) if the desired dose is 2 mg / L. (c) Prove by calculations that the constant 8.34 in the formula next to the chlorine feed point is correct. Let 1 US-gallon = 3.78541 L and 1 mg = 0.0000022046 pound.

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