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Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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In DM plant, If pH in anion outlet is 7.2 and Mixed bed pH is 6.2, wat could be the reason.

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significance of fouling factor in shell and tube heat exchnager

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distillation types (vacuum, azeotropic, steam, extractive)

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what is difference between urea and NPK fertiliser?

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what is AZ431 & how to check it by using multimeter?


A cylinder having water is being evacuated with constant rate. what is the relation between pressure which is existing in cylinder with time? (P and t relation)

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white rust formation over zinc plated and yellow passivated fasteners during CED painting. WHY?

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Need to design filter...Length and diamter of shell

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Diffrence between centrifugal & recipocating pump?

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why distillation of water takes more time than toluene ,eventhough the later boiling point is more than water ?

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Hello i am a chemical engineer presently looking for a job i am applying many jobs in naukri and in all job portals but i am not getting any call or interview so kindly some one help me in this regard soundar


i need formula for calculating discharge of river, the data i have is variation of water pressure, variation of air pressure,depth of water and length of river. please i need help

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What diffrence between flush distillation & batch distillation ?


what is the difference between the heat exchanger and cooling tower???????????

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Three solid objects of the same material and of equal mass – a sphere, a cylinder (length = diameter) and a cube – are at 5000C initially. These are dropped in a quenching bath containing a large volume of cooling oil each attaining the bath temperature eventually. The time required for 90% change of temperature is smallest for a) cube b) cylinder c) sphere d) equal for all the three whyyyyyyy???????


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The process conditions of the fuel gas are as follows: Temperature = 25 deg C Pressure = 4 bar g Calculate the line size for the fuel gas supply line to the superheater


While there, are many tests available to detect leaks on vessels, is there a technology available to quantify the leak, or measure the flow through a leak?


Why should chemical equation be balanced?


Hi. I have completed my masters in chemical engineering from M S University in year 2008 and now going to do MS Chemical engineering in Lamar University. I am planning to appear for interview in two weeks from now. What are the expected questions from VO regarding masters after masters ? and wat should i expect to give reply ? kindly give your suggestions. Thanks


What is difference between Piping Standard & Piping Specification ?


Is there a handy way to determine if a horizontal pipe is running full if the flow rate is known?


What is the import procurement cycle?


Explain under what circumstances are vortex flowmeters the most accurate?


What is a common source of error in determining the percent spent caustic in refinery applications?


What does the catalystic converter on an automobile really do?


What is vapour flooding and liquid floodin in distillation?


Hi, This is Naveen, plz if anybody have experience of IOCL interview, send me question.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using gear pumps?


How much maximum power can be generated by 320v, 10kg-cm synchronous motor if shaft is rotated mechanically at 50 to 60 rpm?


Explain what particle sizes are electrostatic precipitators used to remove?