Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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how much efficiency loss will took place in a steam turbine due to low vacuum



Why Air Conditioner capacity measured in Ton. Like 1.5ton

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what is the diffrence between Torque and Power ( layman Idea)?

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what is the role of half nut in thread cutting? how can u cut the thread from 8 TPI to 4 TPI?


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what is Investment casting? how it is differ from other casting process?


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what is more dangerous longitudinal stress or Hoop stress and why?


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IS there any rake angle in blade? which is used to shave the beard ?

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what is the difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection?

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why we made drawings in 1st and 3rd angle projection not in 2nd and 4th angle?


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what is the injection moulding

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what is the press tool

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what is the function of neck ring in the centrifugalpump?


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Why do you want to work at our company


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What is the difference between machine and machine tool?

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what will happen if we use petrole in diesel engine and diesel in petrole engine

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What is the Self & starter? what does it do in the in Genset


what is the significance of line of action in gear?


hello i have a problem !!!! i am studying gait analysis"human walking; and i had only single camera"sony 25 frames/s" and 2 separated force plates, and there is no synchronization between the camera and the force plates!. i wrote a matlab program to calculate joints moment(sagital) using inverse dynamics methode. and there is a problem with the output data!! can you help me.


Compare the working principle of gas turbine of capacity more than 10megaW, diesel generator and wind turbine


pls send me rechnical test paper of reliance with answers for last five years??


what are the applications where bearing should not be used though it can be used(economy may be 1 of the reason)


How many lubricating holes are there in cylinder?


. how will effect of water injection on turbine load and corresponding MW output(not water washing)


what is electronically operated pneumatic valves? give one example


For hot water : please compare to solar heat and heat pump (environment/operation/invest...) Is there any comparison available. Thank you


How to shut down and overhaul the centrifugal pumps?


Who all falls under the Perview of Excise Duty, we mean who has to pay the Excise Duty, eg: does all mfrs have to pay ED or who has high turnover they should only pay ED, if yes that what is the Turnover limit?


If any machinery or transmission needs periodic ana regular lubrication . what is the best method to give it?


i have completed from mechanical engg so plz send me some question paper for entrance exam


what are the types of vibration in steam turbine?