Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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can any1 provide me the PLACEMENT PAPERS FOR BHEL


What is the formula for converting Pipe Diameter to Plate?

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hi friends pls send the bhel question papers is very urgent...



please send me jindal interview question if any one have?? my id is thnx in advance



which cycle used in diesel engine

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what is technology use in bikes

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What is differance between compressor and blower

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what is the reasson after complitation of suction stroke and started comperation stroke inlet valve open for few digrees

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what is run out? how to calulate run out vaue.


Iam a 2006 graduate and applying for ms degree course in USA for spring 2010.I have also received i20 from universities.I also have work experience as a cad engineer for almost 2.6 yrs. please tell me what kind of questions can be raised by US Consulate for my situation and how to answers them.

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what is the working principal of air compressor?


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plz send me mahagenco previous exam paper on my email-id

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bhel machanical stream question papers


What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness of an machine,man,etc., proof with example?

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explain cooling and its types ?

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why study in Michigan tech univ


Describe The Complete actvities of the STORE KEEPER?


working of nuclear power plant


What is an oil mist detector


Plz, send me last 5 years Question papers with answers of JE RRB.


how to size an expansion tank in chiller system ?


what is the equvalent indian material code for EN10025/2- S75JR


what are the parameters are selected while manufacturing a single cylinder block?what are the different kind of test is conducted on it so that it can withstand with all those condition which required to run the engine efficiently.which force is act when piston slide inside the cylinder.


sir i have to face an interview for marine trainee engineer on 15 sept tell me some related questions which r genrally asked...


Tell me how you are ready to comply with the employment rules and regulations if your CV is considered for employment?


Hello, I am PRAVEEN, working with start-up company as design, I don have any sap experience. but I wanted to join mm course in atos. Is it good change domain?


please send me jindal interview question if any one have?? my id is thnx in advance


In Turbine how the balence piston works and what is the direction of leak of steam flow.


How do you detect starting valve leaks?