Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what does the nomenclature for this bearing mean? 3206etvh.c3

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what is the motro?


rrbchennaimodel question paper for current papers


1TR IS = ? CFM


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please send interview questions on foundry. my email id is


If a welder qualified for 2G,3G&4G positions,then is he automatically qualified for 6G position?


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I am much interested to join airforce but I heard that this is not so good for girls .please give ur views that what should I should do


relation of BSP and BSW threads in inches

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If we Turn a car on its left, which side will have more pressure? or which side will rise up while turning?

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One TR = ?kacl/hour One US Gallon = ?liters


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what is mean by Hydraulic Overload in presses


In Turbine how the balence piston works and what is the direction of leak of steam flow.


respected sir, i had applied for the post of GET for JSPL so kindly send me the syllabus and exam pattern for the concerned examination. my mail id: thanking you sir



Critical speed of turbine means the natural frequency and resonance frequency are matching and cause for vibration and noise. which is the natural frequency. how it reflect in vibration.


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what is the difference between type -a and type -b iron > The chemical compostion is given here under and also guide us the effect of Ni;Cr;Mo in the iron; name and use of these two types of iron Type a Type b %C :3.15 2.65 %Mn:0.41 0.52 %Si:1.72 1.60 %S :0.090 0.082 %P: 0.215 0.204 %Ni: 0.40 Traces %Cr : 0.49 Traces %Mo : Traces Traces


how much efficiency loss will took place in a steam turbine due to low vacuum


If you are scientist to b e and you wish to develop a self-generating power appliances, what would b e the ranking of importance to apply your concept of creating energy using alternator: 1. Washing Machine 2. Motor Water Pump 3. Electric Fan 4. Electric Stove 5. Flat Iron – Which one will b e your foremost and the least at the rank of 1 to 5? Why is that so? Defend your answer.


Enumerate the cause of pumps low delivery of water


Give me an introduction about myself.iam a engineering student, i would like to know, wat is my qualification till my enginering is not yet completed?


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Anybody please send me the papers of the reliance exam (apti and tech) so that i can go through it) mail me at


Question for in dmrc


Draw a parallel circuit with one battery and two resistors. Derive the formula for resistance?


Hey guys anyone plzzz tell me the syllabus for Vizag Steel Plant (IT & Mechanical Streams)........ And Aslo plzz send the materials or previous papers of vizag Steel Plant Management Trainees for both IT & Mechanical Streams......... plzzzzzzz......... Plzzzzzzz


Please advise your reasons for applying for this role and why you think you are suitable?


In 10.00-20 tyre. what is the meaning of .00 ( after10) ?


What is the normal vacuum pressure in a steam turbine atmospheric condenser?


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explain the methods of measuring aproblem of armature reactionof DC machine?