Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What will happen when engine stays in critical speed of 58-65 RPM?

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What will you check if one cylinder of your engine is not like the others?

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What will you do in case of scavenging fire


What will you do when scavenge fire happened?

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What would happen if there is air in fuel oil?

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When you will install a new piston ring, what will be the position of it?

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Where can you find thermometers in diesel engines?

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Where is the expansion tank located?

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Why and what cause of leak fuel oil in high pressure pipe of main engine?

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what is fuel oil viscosity, specific gravity?

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difference between sub cooling super heating


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What is the full for of HRC

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Whom would you pick as a leader icon and why?


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differences b/w two stroke engine and four stroke engine?

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what the reduced pressure by elbow 90 and 45 in pipeline flow?

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What do you treat in high alkalinity of boiler water? What is a feed water pump? What is a Booster pump?


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Hello i want to design a portable 1/4HP pressure washer pump like elgi reciprocating pump which are being used in service station.what are the design aspects to taken in to consideration for making new pump.


What is blower? Partlist of blower.


Difference between turbocharging and supercharging in diesel engines?


Which is the best option for maintaining water level of Boiler 1)Float type air break switches(well known as Mobry) or 2)DP type transmitter? Please explain in detail !


What is the b check value of a 4bt engine


I need the complete syllabus and model Question paper for Written exam of JINDAL STEEL AND POWER LTD.,for MECHNAICAL ENGINEERING branch


What is the purpose of increasing the pressure on the F.O. system of the engine?


What are safety considerations in welding job?


What happens when too much cylinder oil is injected in the working cylinder?


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what is the different between mechanical starter vs electrical starter? Solid stage starter? Soft starter?


rrbchennaimodel question paper for current papers


What are the 3 parts in indicator diagram?