Pharmacy Interview Questions
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How related substance method is developed for new compound which is not official in the pharmacopeia?


If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can you precede calibration?


What is capacity factor?

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How will you calculate telling in any HPLC peak?

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What do you mean by end capping?

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What is the wave length of polarimeter lamp?

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Which gases are used in gas chromatography?

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Which gas is used as a mobile phase in GC?

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What types of columns are used in GC?

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What is stationary phase?

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In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan

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basic of hplc,columns used

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what do you mean by MACO

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what is NOEL

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what is difference between humidity and relative humidity


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What is the difference between temporary change control and deviation?


Which instrument used fbd fingerbag pore size identify purpose


what is limit of cleaning validation


What is the difference between Deviation and Out of Specification?


How to select temperature of ODT in disintegration test


Why and When RRF is necessary in RS method? How it is helpful in method development?


what type of person need for this company


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What should be Step wise the sterlization procedure for Dry Powder injection facility (from Starting)?


What is limit of cleaning validation?


What are the limits for LOD and LOQ?


i am preparing for Drug inspector exam.If u have previous questions please send me.


How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


whem will be the exam or interview for the post of Drug inspector is conducted in jammu and kashmir??? the form was filled on starting of 2013.


how related substnce method developted for new compound which not official in the pharmacopiea