Pharmacy Interview Questions
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How related substance method is developed for new compound which is not official in the pharmacopeia?


If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can you precede calibration?


What is capacity factor?

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How will you calculate telling in any HPLC peak?

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What do you mean by end capping?

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What is the wave length of polarimeter lamp?

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Which gases are used in gas chromatography?

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Which gas is used as a mobile phase in GC?

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What types of columns are used in GC?

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What is stationary phase?

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In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan

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basic of hplc,columns used

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what do you mean by MACO

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what is NOEL

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what is difference between humidity and relative humidity


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what is the exact classification of pharmaceutical industry (area wise) as per cleaning limits(Class A.B.C.D)


Can you please mail me the latest syllabus of UTTAR PRADESH DRUG INSPECTOR entrance exam and UTTAR PRADESH FOOD INSPECTOR entrance exam with the eligibility criteria for Uttar Pradesh domicile candidates.


Why we use potassium hydrogen pthalate for determination of calibration in Total organic carbon


Why we use 10 tablets for the analysis of cu test?


How related substance method is developed for new compound which is not official in the pharmacopeia?


In dissolution test why sample is withdrawn from top of the paddle and not less than 1 cm away from wall?


What is the difference between sonication and homozinization?


i like to know when is drug inspector exam 2009.and plz send me da question paper, interviev questions,and other details on my plz


why some samples are taking 500mg for water content and some samples are taken 2g for water content?


hello,am milan mohite,i have completed B.PHARM,in 2008.and now do M.B.A from ignou,and D.P.P.M,from IPER{PUNE},please suggest me best coaching institute in pune for drug inspector,and send me model question paper for prepration of D.I. on my e.mail id - Thanks.


why we study matrixing in stability system in stability study and on what basis we select time point.


i had completed my degree with 72% but i dont have good score in gre and tofel and i got an admission into a college in usa is trheir will be any problem if i appear for visa regection because of gre and tofel and i am from science background i lost touch in those subjects.


Whhat is the justification for stability study in api missed stations through deviations and statistical analysis is required.


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