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Agriculture Interview Questions
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Explain the Nitrogen of the Soil ?

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Explain the Absorption of Minerals and water ?

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what are various seasons

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Rotation of Crops

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What ate the chief constituents of soil ? What do you understand by the term solid erosion and soil conservation

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Why does leguminous crop improve the nature of soil ?

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what was the "humanyu" akbar's father?

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what is the highest peak of satpuda ranges?

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Why the Kisan Call Center is given to Bad comapny like Caretel . Caretel Pay very less salary to their employee. It should be in Govt hand

Agricultural Research Institute,

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what is the Kisan call center


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what is the qulification of Kisan Call center Agi expert

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what is the Salary of Agri Expert at Kisan Call center

IFFCO, Kisan Call Centre,

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frist mango hybrid


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what is the difference between winnowing and filtriation?

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is there any exam for scholarship in IARI or ICAR like NET if yes when it will held and also tell the availability of no detail is given on the web site

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Un-Answered Questions { Agriculture }

John Henry Comstock's taxonomic specialty was with what family if insects?


Does the wto determine the customs tariffs on import of agricultural products?


Apart from caps on the overall trade-distorting support, are caps proposed on the support for individual products as well?


Will the list of products to be designated as sps be decided in the negotiations?


what are all the agriculture universities/colleges conducting PG Entrance test for students in all over India?does the graduates from the agricuture colleges are (not recognised by ICAR ) eligible?


What was the effect on water flow rate of raising the mariotte bottle, relative to your soil column in your column experiment? Explain the effect based on your knowledge of darcy’s law. : soil science


Which are the main coalition groups in the agriculture negotiations? Is india a member of any coalition?


What is soil horizon? : soil science


Which are the main coalition groups in the agriculture negotiations?


How long does it take to make a foot of soil? : soil science


What are the four basic types of soil? : soil science


Who was the first person to recognize that true flies have two wings and gave them the name ?Diptera??


Did india use the special safeguard provisions available in the agreement on agriculture? Will developing countries have recourse to any emergency safeguard measures in the doha round?


What are modalities?


What is soil morphology? : soil science