Agriculture Interview Questions
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Explain the Nitrogen of the Soil ?

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Explain the Absorption of Minerals and water ?

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what are various seasons

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Rotation of Crops

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What ate the chief constituents of soil ? What do you understand by the term solid erosion and soil conservation

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Why does leguminous crop improve the nature of soil ?

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what was the "humanyu" akbar's father?

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what is the highest peak of satpuda ranges?

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Why the Kisan Call Center is given to Bad comapny like Caretel . Caretel Pay very less salary to their employee. It should be in Govt hand

Agricultural Research Institute,

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what is the Kisan call center


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what is the qulification of Kisan Call center Agi expert

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what is the Salary of Agri Expert at Kisan Call center

Kisan Call Centre, IFFCO,

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frist mango hybrid


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what is the difference between winnowing and filtriation?

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is there any exam for scholarship in IARI or ICAR like NET if yes when it will held and also tell the availability of no detail is given on the web site

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What is "sour" soil? Is that the name by which it is commonly known, and what is the treatment for it?


Pyriproxifen, buprofezon, fenoxycarb, triflumuron, and diflubenzuron belong to what general class of insecticides?


What popular journal did C. V. Riley and B. D. Walsh begin in 1868?


what is the scientific process of cultivetion of medicinal plant like safed musli and seena for indian climate.?


Are the bites toxic? If toxic, what kind of symptoms are manifested from the bite?


Is it better, to kill the black alkali in the soil with gypsum, just to scatter it over an alkalied spot or to plow the soil first and then use the gypsum if you are going to sow alfalfa?


What are the potential risks to non-target orgranisms fo genetically engineered crops?


what are the symptoms of sorghum Anthracnose diasease?what


Pyriproxifen, buprofezon, fenoxycarb, triflumuron, and diflubenzuron belong to what general class of insecticides?


In what order of insects would you find hamuli?


Do needles appear to be mottled, turning yellow to brown?


Where would you find a tormogen cell?


John Henry Comstock's taxonomic specialty was with what family if insects?


write a program that will sort the given five numbers in ascending order using (bubble sort)(selection sort)


Where would you find a tormogen cell?