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Zoology Interview Questions
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namethe fish that has light on head

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what are the enzyme present in the saliva?


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can you pleae tell me what is the role of biology in banking sector ?

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by having sex or masterbating do we get seek? / by doing excess materbating do we get infertile?

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whats mean by algal oil?


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can i get anything which can keep away elephants coming to residential area from forests

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What are the pouch-bearing mammals called?

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being a zoology student what you do in bank? why not in teaching?

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I have an interview of post of lecturer in Zoology( entomology)department,please guide me about interview questions.


1. do you like your job 2. How long does it take you to be one 3. How is interacting with the animals 4. What do you like better whales or dolphins you think your job is important v 6. when did you first realize you wanted to be a marine biologist? 7. how many hours do you generally work in a week 8. what is your greatest memory as a marine biologist your opinion what is the greatest thing in being a marine biologist 10. do you specialize in any area? if so what 11. what is a typical day in your career you travel a lot. 13. what school subjects would help you for this career. 14.what kind of species do you work with 15. do you like the people your work with


may shark ba sa pilipinas?at saan?

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ano ang pinakamatalinong hayop


anu-ano ang mga ibat-ibang uri ng ahas?


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anu-ano ang mga ibat-ibang uri ng ahas?

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Ano po bang klaseng gagamba ang makagawa ng pinakamatigas supot (web)?

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valve guarding superior vena cava in embryonic stage


Define what is a dog’s most highly developed sense?


Describe the vertebrate brain and name its major areas.


What helps bat in flying?


what are arboreal animals?


Some animals have colors for protection. Which are they?


What are the general trends in processing and consumption?


What is called animals living on the sea floor?


What does the diaphragm do?


How many types of twins can be there?


Its danger for human to sleep at night under a big a tree, why its not danger for birds because they sit on the tree whole night?


Which is the animal that has a tongue longer longer than its body?


Define what is murrah?


Name the largest indian deer?


Explain the four ways a horse moves?