Botany Interview Questions
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Hello can you help me for a floral formula how to writ it i can't undrestand it :(

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hello can you help me with a formula floral because i can't undersdant it :(

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Why are white flowers white in color though they are exposed to sunlight?what is the plastid present in them when they are exposed to sunlight?

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what is flawar and plant

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Name the root which perform photosynthesis.

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Where do flowers get colour

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Compare the adaptation of mesophytes with amphibious hydrophytes with nature ?

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What is the botnical name of tomato?

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How many levels are there in structure of them?

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Is it good to sleep under a tree during the day?

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What is the scientific name of cockroach?


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what is the botanical name of spinach?

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what is the difference between SEM & TEM?

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is mimosa pudica shows syngenecious stamen?


What is the advantage, if any, to a germinating seed or seeding in developing a hook? Why is there no heart-shaped stage during embryo development in monocytes? What is the agricultural i mportance of the transgenic rice plant(in 3 paragraphs)



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True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What effect does dyhydromonoxide have on green vegetation?


Does chloroplasts in the plant cell helps in respiration long with photosynthesis?


Can the powdery mildew Oidium lycopersicum be stored in the freezer in order to inoculate tomato plants?


is peppermint a gymnosperm or an angiosperm?


what is the role of auxins in floral bud development and fruit development?


Why Gymnosperms have become less than Angiosperms and What is the evolutionary trend between them?


Why do some plants like Malva moschata seed themselves all over the garden, while others just sulk?


Which tree is more advanced: deciduous or coniferous?


which type of poliination occurs in rose?


How do some plants(grams) grow in cotton?


How can we store plant germplasm for future use?


what gives the Myriophyllum tuberculatum its colour?


The xylem tissue that carries water is called?


what is the type of cotyledon and venation present in the vinca?