Botany Interview Questions
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WWhich soil has the best water retention clay, sand, dirt, and potting soil?

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what is the process of protoplast regeneration in plants?

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Give the names of some of the plants that can move by themselves?

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what are some unique characteristics a magnolia has?


what is xylem composed of?

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who discovered agrobacterium?

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Which species of acacia is considered to be the acacia of the bible?

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Who is the world's leading Mycologist?

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What are the functions of tubers and corms in plants?

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TREE RINGS. Do they have any function other than dendochronology?


who's the founder of botany?

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What effect does sucrose have on Trichophyton rubrum?


what does the storage tissue in a seed do?


Explain the structure of the choroplast?


What is the primary role of flowers?

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What are some chemical compounds found in the roots of plants?


You have been provided with a set of plates of fungi isolated from a diseased leaf, one Chytridiomycota, one Zygomycota, one Ascomycota and one Basidiomycota. The signs of infection indicate that the disease has been caused by a member of Ascomycota which does not form a sexual stage easily. What features would you look for in your isolates to indicate if the target fungus was present?


What is the advantage, if any, to a germinating seed or seeding in developing a hook? Why is there no heart-shaped stage during embryo development in monocytes? What is the agricultural i mportance of the transgenic rice plant(in 3 paragraphs)


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What specific mechanism regulates cyclic vs noncyclic electron transfer during light reactions of photosynthesis?


Donnan's equilibrium?


what are the differences between algae and fungi?


what are the adaptations of desert plants like cactus?


what are isoflavonoids and tanins?


why are some plants greener than others?


What type of chemical compounds do plants produce during photosynthesis?


What is 4-Hydroxy isoleucine?


what is the type of cotyledon and venation present in the vinca?


How to estimate chlorophyll in microalgae?


Which plant fossil is the oldest among the others those found by archeologists?