Bio Technology Interview Questions
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what are gene banks

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Which hemeprotein is responsible for storing oxygen in muscle tissues?


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The absorbance of protein at 280 nm is due to which amino acid?


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Which form of plasmid DNA moves quickest thro Agarose gels?


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Agar is a polymer of which of the following? a. glucose b. galactose c. galactosamine d. fructose


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Reverse transcriptase makes...............


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Sulphur containng aminoacids???

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The number of chromosomes in the triploid variety of a plant is 72...what is the number of chromosomes in a diploid genome of the same plant??


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Which hemeprotein helps to store oxygen in muscle tissues?


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Which form of plasmid DNA moves quickest thro'agarose gels?


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The absorbance of protein at 280 nm is due to which amino acid?


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Autotrophs derive energy for photosynthesis from...........


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Which amino acid is responsible for absorbance of amino acid at 280 nm?


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WHICH FORM OF PLASMID DNA travels quickest thro agarose gel?


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If there were 4 bases for each code instead of the usual 3 bases, what would be the total number of possible codons? (its 64 when there r 3 bases for a codon)

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on burning normaly wich parts of our body geting less dameg? why?


whats is your plan after your graduation in USA?(major biology) help.


I have an elder brother who is married and settled in USA.Around 2 1/2years back even he had gone for his masters. I would be appearing for Visa soon. I have got acceptance fron Wayne state Univ for masters in biotechnology.What should my answer be when this question is raised. Would my case become more critical? please help


i got 59/120 in toefl. i have also 90% in 12th i eligible for going usa for biotechnology? i ll also take SAT exam. i want to apply pensylvania,new jursey or newyork . plz hep me.


can we induce hairy roots in Rauvolfia serpentina? What are the main steps in which we have to care?


what are the conditions and time requirements for carrying out the various steps involved in northern blotting?


Can I get a working model on petro plants ?


Can you give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together?


I completed Masters in Biotechnology in 2003.I have around 5 years experience in Microbiology.But iam interesterd in doing Biotechnology work.Please help how to get job in biotech field?


I am doing my biotechnology.but i don't know about the interview questions of various company and how i have to face.can you please anyone send that placement papers?thank you


tell me what is the interview when some one want to get a job in this company?


Hi guys.My friend has visa appointment in this month but the problem is she applied for the university with her old toefl score and she wrote toefl after she applied and her toefl date expired last month but she did'nt received her official score report till now.Is there any problem if she attended the visa interview with his old score


Sir i am doing my btech biotech at dy patil pune nd due to some prob i need to shift backbto surat so is it possible to transfer at bsc biotech college in surat


Hi i finished biotechnology in trichy.can i get biotechnology lecturer jobs at arts and science colleges temporarily please ans me


What kinds of metrics would you gauge to determine the financial, strategic and operational health of a prospective alliance partner?