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Bio Technology Interview Questions
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Is it possible to express the genes of prokariots into eukariots?

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How does every cell(prokariots and Eukariots) know, this is the time of divison?

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which protein act as a fingerprint of the cell?

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is the blood sterile or non- sterile ?


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can i do after doing in bio-technology for better career.can u suggest in which subject of there is a better opportunity and good career.

Bharat Biotech, Medical,

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Sir i completed but for good career i want to do some diploma courses for good job . Will you please suggest me the coures

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sir i completed my B.E Bio technology please suggest me which is the better course either M.TECH or any diploma course & i intrested to do clinical research,please suggest me any one

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wat should i do after

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Hello Sir!!!!! I've completed my BSc Biotechnology this year only with an aggregate of 76%.......Now I am in great confusion whether I go in this line only or opt for MBA...... Because I want to do a job...... Is that doing MSc biotech from U.K will help me more in finding job.....What kind of job I'll get after doing MSc Biotech...... Please reply

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what is the advantage of immobilised enzyme in industrilized ?


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Hi i'm going to attend online test conducted by BCIL in few days...pls anyone can tell me about the test and how to prepare for it...



describe the cell theory & discuss the parameters for cell differentiation


What is the difference between SDS Page gel electrophoresis and native gel?


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List out the biochemical tests with the significance which will be used to identify and characterize a unknown bacteria?

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Sir i am doing my btech biotech at dy patil pune nd due to some prob i need to shift backbto surat so is it possible to transfer at bsc biotech college in surat


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Un-Answered Questions { Bio Technology }

what type of questions are asked in interview for biotechnology student?


What are the different types of bio technology? Explain.


What is the definition of 'biomedical'?


How the dose for children is being estimated based on preclinical data?


At is the difference between transfection and transduction?


hi all i am going for a technician position in a UK university can any one send me general questions and there answers to me.. i need possible general questions and answers.. i prepared well on subject basis...


What is the difference between defined, characterized and standard serum?


How would you value a biotech company as opposed to a consumer products company?


whats is your plan after your graduation in USA?(major biology) help.


How is this bio technology useful in our day to day life?


Hi i finished biotechnology in trichy.can i get biotechnology lecturer jobs at arts and science colleges temporarily please ans me


what are the conditions and time requirements for carrying out the various steps involved in northern blotting?


tell me what is the interview when some one want to get a job in this company?


what is the schematic view or the steps involved in northern blotting technique?


How interferon is produced?