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what happen when there is absence of sulfur cantaining amino acid in protein synthesis?

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I completed Masters in Biotechnology in 2003.I have around 5 years experience in Microbiology.But iam interesterd in doing Biotechnology work.Please help how to get job in biotech field?


what is differance between trans acting element and transcription factor?


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i m doing bsc in biotechnology n i m confuse what to do in future...whether i shall do msc in biotechnology or any otyer course?in future which field will have greater oppurtunity?

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what is multi colour bio technology?

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how biodiesel helps in reducing co2

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what is the process of chees preparation

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suppose if u have gone through any biotech industry, what are the environmental conditions that u r expecting?

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suppose if u have gone through any biotech industry, what are the environmental conditions that u r expecting in quality control?

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will i get f1 visa to pursue masters in US, if i have many backlogs and more than 2 yrs gap in btn my graduation.



what is multicolour biotechnology? what are the applications of multicolour biotechnology?

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if i m doing bsc in biotechnology now.. are there any chances that i can do nw??

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Can I get a working model on petro plants ?



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in the lcmv what type of effect onm the mhc class i molecule


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in the lcmv what type of effect onm the mhc class i molecule


what are the shine-dalgarno sequences in organism other than E.coli.?


I am doing my biotechnology.but i don't know about the interview questions of various company and how i have to face.can you please anyone send that placement papers?thank you


How would you value a biotech company as opposed to a consumer products company?


hey i am doin bsc biotech and i want to do research on stem cells.....plz tell me how to go about??????


i have pcb and i am all set to do biotech so i wanted to know is this a successful option which has its perks??


whats is your plan after your graduation in USA?(major biology) help.


Hi i finished biotechnology in trichy.can i get biotechnology lecturer jobs at arts and science colleges temporarily please ans me


How to isolate prokaryotic mRNA


Hi guys.My friend has visa appointment in this month but the problem is she applied for the university with her old toefl score and she wrote toefl after she applied and her toefl date expired last month but she did'nt received her official score report till now.Is there any problem if she attended the visa interview with his old score


I have an elder brother who is married and settled in USA.Around 2 1/2years back even he had gone for his masters. I would be appearing for Visa soon. I have got acceptance fron Wayne state Univ for masters in biotechnology.What should my answer be when this question is raised. Would my case become more critical? please help


I am an B.Tech Industrial biotechnology fresher(2010 passed out). I am looking for job in biotech companies. I approached some companies too. But in all companies they said they need experienced persons only and not freshers. Please suggest me a solution to my job search. And suggest me some biotech companies where fresher are hired.


describe the cell theory & discuss the parameters for cell differentiation


I want to pursue my career in finding out drugs/medicines to cure bacterial/viral /genitically caused diseases. which part of biotechnology should I choose?red or white biotechnology?If i had to choose red biotechnology should I do B.Tech in biotech or B.Tech in industrial biotech?what are the companies that offers job for a red biotechnologist?


on burning normaly wich parts of our body geting less dameg? why?