Mobile OS Interview Questions
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What is UICollectionView ?

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What is UITableView?

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DB updation when app new version comes ?


How to do upload of large sized video file to server ? while uploading user presses “Homebutton” How long will execute?


“BgTask “ ? how long execute?

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UI updation in seperate thread is it possible ?

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what is universal Application?

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what is protocol? . The use of protocol?

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what are the controllers are available in objective C

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what is navigation controller?

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What is factory methods ? What is the advantage of using it ?

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Explain UIApplication life cycle

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Explain UIApplication delegate

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Is it possible to write a program without using nib file

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What NSAutorelease pool

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Why is Ubuntu the most popular operating system for cloud? 


What is the correct way to check if a Compass sensor is present on the system? Explain your answer.


Under what condition could the code sample below crash your application? How would you modify the code to avoid this potential problem? Explain your answer.     Intent sendIntent = new Intent();     sendIntent.setAction(Intent.ACTION_SEND);     sendIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, textMessage);     sendIntent.setType(HTTP.PLAIN_TEXT_TYPE); // "text/plain" MIME type     startActivity(sendIntent);


Can Ubuntu be integrated with Microsoft infrastructure?


What is the methods for unzip file in AFNetworking


Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


Explain about AFNetworking. What is the base class used in AFNetworking library


How to convert MVC design pattern to MVVM design patterns


In mapKit frame work, how to get current user location


Explain your process for tracing and fixing a memory leak


When dealing with property declarations, what is the difference between atomic and non-atomic?


How to do upload of large sized video file to server ? while uploading user presses “Homebutton” How long will execute?


what is your preferred programming language? Why? How long will it take you to learn a new programming language?


Difference between iOS 3 , iOS4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 (What are the new features)


How will you implement sets and the intersection operation? Complexity?