BlackBerry OS Interview Questions
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What is Blackberry technology? What is Blackberry technology? 

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What is 'Gateway Of Last Resort'?

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Explain about Blackberry Enterprise Server

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What is Multicasting? Explain the different types of hosts in Multicasting. 

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Explain the use of RTP and RTCP protocols (Real-Time Transfer Control Protocols). 

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Explain the concept of CDMA. 

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Explain about BlackBerry OS?

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List the features of BlackBerry Storm 2?

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What are the CDA(corporate data access) advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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How to find out which BlackBerry OS version is on device?

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How to update device to a newer version of the BlackBerry OS?

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What is BlackBerry World?

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How to Increase BlackBerrys File free memory?

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How to Wipe / Load OS Using BBSAK?

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How to Remove an I.T. Policy from a BlackBerry?

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Which cpu used in blackberry technology?


Can we add a hyperlink in the description of the application?


Explain the paging advantages of blackberry technology?


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What is synchronization in blackberry


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What is Blackberry technology?


What is router? Explain components of routers.


Can we distribute blackberry webworks applications?


Explain the instant messaging advantages of blackberry technology?


Once an application has been submitted, can I make changes to my submission?


Explain what do you know about blackberry 7?


Can we send end users a message to renew or re-purchase an application?


Explain the benefits for it organizations by using blackberry?


how to access the gps/camera/accelerometor on the simulator? : Blackberry tablet os