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BlackBerry OS Interview Questions
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What is Blackberry technology? What is Blackberry technology? 

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What is 'Gateway Of Last Resort'?

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Explain about Blackberry Enterprise Server

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What is Multicasting? Explain the different types of hosts in Multicasting. 

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Explain the use of RTP and RTCP protocols (Real-Time Transfer Control Protocols). 

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Explain the concept of CDMA. 

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Explain about BlackBerry OS?

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List the features of BlackBerry Storm 2?

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What are the CDA(corporate data access) advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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How to find out which BlackBerry OS version is on device?

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How to update device to a newer version of the BlackBerry OS?

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What is BlackBerry World?

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How to Increase BlackBerrys File free memory?

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How to Wipe / Load OS Using BBSAK?

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How to Remove an I.T. Policy from a BlackBerry?

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Un-Answered Questions { BlackBerry OS }

Name the benefits of blackberry


What are the features of blackberry storm2?


What is an application gateway?


Explain the cda(corporate data access) advantages of blackberry technology?


Can we distribute themes?


Explain the use of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)?


tell us what you know about blackberry tablet os? : Blackberry tablet os


Explain the features of blackberry?


What is ip spoofing and how can it be prevented?


Can we distribute my web signals application?


Can we distribute web applications?


How’s the tax on purchased applications processed?


Explain how to remove an i.t. Policy from a blackberry?


What are the benefits for organizations and it departments by using blackberry?


Is there a blackberry forum for end users and vendors?