BlackBerry OS Interview Questions
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What is Blackberry technology? What is Blackberry technology? 

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What is 'Gateway Of Last Resort'?

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Explain about Blackberry Enterprise Server

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What is Multicasting? Explain the different types of hosts in Multicasting. 

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Explain the use of RTP and RTCP protocols (Real-Time Transfer Control Protocols). 

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Explain the concept of CDMA. 

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Explain about BlackBerry OS?

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List the features of BlackBerry Storm 2?

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What are the CDA(corporate data access) advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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How to find out which BlackBerry OS version is on device?

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How to update device to a newer version of the BlackBerry OS?

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What is BlackBerry World?

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How to Increase BlackBerrys File free memory?

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How to Wipe / Load OS Using BBSAK?

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How to Remove an I.T. Policy from a BlackBerry?

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