Mobile OS Interview Questions
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If you run an application on device , which has location services.Which location it will show first ?

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If you use location services in your app, will it drain your battery.if yes? How can we avoid?


Did you used CLRegion? How its working?

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what is dispatchQueue?

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Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


Tell about block and GCD

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Difference between retain and assign ?

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How can we use NSOperation queue? what is the advantage of using it ?

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How to fix tableviewcell dequeue issue ?


Difference between ScrollviewdidScroll and didendDecelerating delegates?

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Major difference between delegate and notification?

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Push notification working in ios?

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A tableview with while tapping on cell show a popOver. and tapping on it move to another view controller, is it possible if yes? then how?

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Bundle & document directory, sandbox ?

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Difference b/w collectionView & uitableview?


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How to convert MVC design pattern to MVVM design patterns


How will you implement sets and the intersection operation? Complexity?


What happens when you invoke a method on a nil pointer?


what is the procedure of using D2MS server in cloud messaging in android


How you can use built-in Messaging within your application?


What is the correct way to check if a Compass sensor is present on the system? Explain your answer.


Explain how an autorelease pool works at the runtime level


Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


Can you use an Intent to provide data to a ContentProvider? If not, what would be the proper mechanism for doing this?


How to get the geolocation data on a picture?


What is the methods for unzip file in AFNetworking


Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


The last callback in the lifecycle of an activity is onDestroy(). The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. Usually, the system will call onPause() and onStop() before calling onDestroy(). Describe a scenario, though, where onPause() and onStop() would not be invoked.


Describe android Activities in brief.


Mention what is the difference between Swift and ‘Objective-C’ language?