Windows Phone OS Interview Questions
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Tell me about the Windows Phone?

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Tell me about Windows Phone User interface?

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Tell us about Windows Phone Web browser?

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What do you know about Windows Phone Media support?

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Explain Windows Phone Multitasking?

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Tell me about Windows Phone Bluetooth?

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Explain Windows Phone Hardware?

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Can we control the WebBrowser controls zooom?

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How to restart or shutdown my application programmatically?

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How to detect if my application is exiting so I can save state?

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How to pin an app on the emulator?

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The MarketPlace Launchers overloads for Show has parameters, what are these?

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Tell me Will TextTrimming property be available on TextBlock?

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Suppose I am hitting System.InvalidOperationException in the Navigate method of the WebBrowserControl. What gives?

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Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


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I looked through the medialibrary class in xna, and it looks like we can only enumerate through audio, but not video content in the media library?


Explain how to save screen from an xna app?


Explain starting with april ctp refresh, I can compile and debug my xna game, but it does not show up in list of applications when I am not launching it on thedebugger?


Suppose I am trying to detect if an external headset is attached to the phone, can I use


Can you please explain the best way to detect that I am in design-mode in expression blend or visual studio?


Explain how to restart or shutdown my application programmatically?


Explain about windows phone user interface?


Suppose when I deployed my xna app to the xde, the orientation is in portrait mode, but when I deploy it to a device, it's in landscape mode.?


How to deserialize json from a rest call?


Tell me is forms authentication supported?


Explain does the web browser control share the ie cache?


Tell me is there a way to detect if application is idle?


is there a way to detect if application is idle?


Explain how to edit locations for local?


Suppose have a very simple application that uses the applicationbar. The app bar shows one menu item when in portrait. However as the second image shows theapp bar displays now items in landscape mode. Is that by design or a bug?