Windows Phone OS Interview Questions
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Tell me about the Windows Phone?

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Tell me about Windows Phone User interface?

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Tell us about Windows Phone Web browser?

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What do you know about Windows Phone Media support?

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Explain Windows Phone Multitasking?

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Tell me about Windows Phone Bluetooth?

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Explain Windows Phone Hardware?

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Can we control the WebBrowser controls zooom?

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How to restart or shutdown my application programmatically?

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How to detect if my application is exiting so I can save state?

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How to pin an app on the emulator?

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The MarketPlace Launchers overloads for Show has parameters, what are these?

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Tell me Will TextTrimming property be available on TextBlock?

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Suppose I am hitting System.InvalidOperationException in the Navigate method of the WebBrowserControl. What gives?

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Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


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Un-Answered Questions { Windows Phone OS }

In my code the method marked by [ondeserialized] is never called after deserialization. Is this a known issue?


Tell me is it possible to run two instances of emulator on the same machine. I am doing some networking app and need two emulators to test it?


Explain how to change language settings?


Can we intercept the search button to do an app specific search?


Can I reorder the tabs?


Explain how the volume work between apps and hardware buttons on the device?


What is the windows phone front page?


Is forms authentication supported?


How to play video in isolatedstorage using mediaelement?


Does the web browser control share the ie cache?


Explain about windows phone bluetooth?


Suppose my site is down, and async calls are taking too long to timeout. How can I set a reasonable timeout?


What is windows phone?


Explain how to deserialize json from a rest call?


Explain how to access the liveid credentials a user has entered into the device?