Windows Phone OS Interview Questions
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Tell me about the Windows Phone?

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Tell me about Windows Phone User interface?

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Tell us about Windows Phone Web browser?

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What do you know about Windows Phone Media support?

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Explain Windows Phone Multitasking?

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Tell me about Windows Phone Bluetooth?

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Explain Windows Phone Hardware?

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Can we control the WebBrowser controls zooom?

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How to restart or shutdown my application programmatically?

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How to detect if my application is exiting so I can save state?

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How to pin an app on the emulator?

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The MarketPlace Launchers overloads for Show has parameters, what are these?

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Tell me Will TextTrimming property be available on TextBlock?

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Suppose I am hitting System.InvalidOperationException in the Navigate method of the WebBrowserControl. What gives?

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Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


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Un-Answered Questions { Windows Phone OS }

Suppose have a very simple application that uses the applicationbar. The app bar shows one menu item when in portrait. However as the second image shows theapp bar displays now items in landscape mode. Is that by design or a bug?


Tell me can I write multi-player games using wi-fi or blue tooth in the device.?


In my code the method marked by [ondeserialized] is never called after deserialization. Is this a known issue?


Explain about windows phone user interface?


Tell me are there canned mvvm "data behaviors" planned for wp7?


Some images look different when synced to the device and read programmatically. Do decoders change these?


Explain where is xmldocument class?


Are there apis to read rss/atom feeds?


What is windows phone web browser?


How to sniff network traffic from the emulator?


What is the latest version of windows?


Tell me is there a way to detect if application is idle?


Explain about windows phone bluetooth?


Explain about the windows phone?


On april ctp refresh, splashscreen appears for 3 seconds and disappears (even if my page is not fully loaded)?