Apple iOS Interview Questions
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What is iOS?  

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What's fast enumeration?

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What are the differences between categories and extensions?

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What is a singleton?

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Name and explain the iOS app states.

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What are the memory management rules?

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Name the memory management rules and their related methods.

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Explain why delegates and notifications are different.

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What is lazy loading?

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Explain shallow copying and depth copying.

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What is a struct?

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Is the object retained if I call performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:?

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What is posing in iOS?

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Where do you test the developed apps if you do not have the device?

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Does iOs supports multitasking?

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Explain about AFNetworking. What is the base class used in AFNetworking library


Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


How to do upload of large sized video file to server ? while uploading user presses “Homebutton” How long will execute?


Explain your process for tracing and fixing a memory leak


Explain which all events will perform an ios application in background


Difference b/w collectionView & uitableview?


When dealing with property declarations, what is the difference between atomic and non-atomic?


Explain @synchronized ,@dynamic


How to convert MVC design pattern to MVVM design patterns


what is your preferred programming language? Why? How long will it take you to learn a new programming language?


How will you implement sets and the intersection operation? Complexity?


Explain how an autorelease pool works at the runtime level


If you use location services in your app, will it drain your battery.if yes? How can we avoid?


Difference between iOS 3 , iOS4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 (What are the new features)


Explain application states