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Un-Answered Questions { SharePoint }

is there any good institute for share point classes in noida


I want to implement functionality like. When any user create issue, he should assign only to group MFG(not other than MFG), then MFG group will try to resolve at there end, if they resolve issue then MFG group will update status to close, and if not then MFG group user will forward(assign) to SUPPER group, and supper group will assign to expert person. What I did As follows. 1)created two Issue tracking list one is "ABC" another is "PQR" 2) Also applied permission on ABC and PQR list. because end user should not interact directly with consultant, one group of 4 person is present between end users and consultant, this group is mediator. 3) copy workflow is created. it will copy list of items from ABC list to "PQR" List. Here Im facing problem that workflow will not copy item because user of "ABC" does not have access to "PQR". if i give contribute permission on both list then workflow work correctly. I want that User of List ABC should not see the PQR list and workflow copy item from one list to other list. Can any one help me? thanx in advance


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