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Windows General Interview Questions
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9 You have configured several users to be able to connect to one of your servers using Terminal Services, and you have configured redirection of client printers. You want users to be able to print to their local printers from a remote connection. However, your users report they are unable to print to their locally configured printers. What should you do? 1 Tell the users to install their local printer from within their Terminal Server session. 2 Use a logon script to add the local printers 3 Enable the Client/Server data redirection setting in Group Policy for every Terminal Server client computer. 4 Enable the Client Server data redirection setting in Group Policy for the Terminal Server

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10 You install a new print server for your company. You attach a printer and install the drivers but when you try to print, the page comes out garbled or doesn't print correctly. What could be the problem? 1 You are using an incorrect driver 2 There is insufficient hard drive space for spooling 3 You don't have the required permissions 4 The printer settings are using an incorrect font substitute.

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11 Ramesh is the systems administrator at the Delhi office of ABC Pvt Ltd. Sunil is the systems administrator at the Mumbai office of ABC Pvt Ltd. Sunil is about to perform some modifications on an accounting application and would like Ramesh to supervise him during this procedure. Which tool should be used? 1 REGEDT32 2 Terminal Services Remote Administration Mode 3 HTML Remote Administration Tools 4 Computer management console 5 Remote assistance

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What happens if a Schema or Domain naming master goes down, would there be any impact on the end user authentication?

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How to troubleshoot the Replication Issue With the Active Directory? Explain Step By Step...


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Your .pst file got currupted,u r manager wants to check his mails,but it's not getting open,what will you do ?how u will solve this problem,


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In FSMO role PDC Emulator acts as Primary Domain Controller for Legacy servers like NT 4.0 BDC's in our domain.If i have all 2003 servers no BDC's such case will it perform any other kind of services in our domain?


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please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot


please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot



What is defferent between Server 2003 vs 2008??????????


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How to backup/resore Group Policy objects....?


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Process swaping

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I have dell laptop,where i have install window vista,and later i have install window 7,but now when i am statring it it's not giving the option which window i want to use,autometically its starting with window 7,also in window 7 it's not accepting any drive,i am unable to transfer deta through blutooth or cardreader,pleas help in to resolve this problem?

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Whate is software


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If DNS Server is down, what are the steps need to be taken to troubleshoot?


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