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Accounting General Interview Questions
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what are the tricks in posting trial balance ?

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hi friends... what it is the journal entry to be passed when the loan sanctioned by one bank and same the cheque was deposited in another bank on same day.? thanks & regards

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what are examples of marketable securities ? wat are marketable securities?

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what are examples of non- marketable securities ?

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what is a promissory note ?

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does goodwill depreciates ?

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how is suspense a/c treated after it has been shown in the trail balance ?

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How do you calculate closing stock? Which important steps do you take while valuation of closing stock.

Jordan, TATA,

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From the following Trial Balance of Seema Garments as on 31st Dec., 2007, prepare Trading Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet: Dr. Rs. Cr. Rs. Opening Stock 15000 Purchases and Sales 109000 180000 Manufacturing Wages 8000 Fuel, Power and Lighting 12000 Salaries 11000 Income Tax 5500 Loan to Mr. X at 10% pa. 5000 Interest on Mr. X’s Loan 300 Apprentice Premium 4500 Rent 4000 Rent Owing 600 Furniture (includes furniture of Rs.1000 purchased on 1st July, 2007) 5000 B/R and B/P 6000 1600 Plant 72000 Debtors and Creditors 28000 13000 Capital 100000 Cash 19500 300000 300000 Informations: 1. Closing Stock was valued at Rs. 30,000. 2. Goodsworth Rs. 5000 was sold on 28th December, but no entry was passed to this effect. 3. Goods costing Rs. 7000 was purchased and included into Stock but no entry was passed to record the purchases. 4. Create a provision of 2% for discount on debtors. 5. Apprentice premium received on 1st January, 2007 was for 3 years. 6. Depreciate the furniture by 10% p.a. 7. Salaries for the month of December, 2007 are still outstanding.


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how&when brs is prepared

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how we mainatin account for a construction company or firm

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how we maintain account for a coaching institute?

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can we issue bonus shares at premium? how?

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in insolvency we have to prepare deficiency account but why we do not prepare this account as per general principle i.e Dr Cr To By etc , and deficiency account is which account?


can u explain the meaning of Work Contract Tax in breif.

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When a company s accounting year-ends on a day that is other than the end of the calendar year what is called in accounting?


How do you prepare mis reports?


what is consumer product accoutning?


What is consignment cycle.?Explain the steps involved in the Consignmet..?


What does overhead mean in regards to accounting?


In which condition a vendor raise excise invoice & what are the effect of excise invoice on client ?


What is entry of Dishonored cheque issued to supplier


Role-specific management accountant job interview questions:


total assets are equal to total liabilities in final accounts ?why?


What is the logic behind this entry P & L Appropriation A/c ..........Dr. To Provision for income tax A/c


what is the responsiblities for accounts manager?


I have deducted Notice pay Rs. 5000/- in which account to be booked the same enty, what is the head for notice pay in profit and loss a/c.


which report give the data of GL with materials details in sap?


what are the charecteristics of cost accounting financial accounting managment accounting payroll accounting environmental accounting h r accounting forensic accounting inflation accounting?