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Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is p.f filing date pls tellme friends......?

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pls friends pass journal entry for purchase returns to x with example?

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what is subscription order


What is a Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable..?

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What is the Difference Between (A/c Payable / Receivable ) AND ( Bills payable / Receivable )................?


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What is the Difference Between Tally Software & SAP Software..?


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Whether Goods receipt is an Asset or liability?

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we are going to purchase a new office/gala . we are using tally software. in above transction we have to pay stamp duty,ragistration fees etc. my question is uder which heads i enterd above exp in tally.

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How to pass entry for fllowing instance in tally or journal entry: Imported goods worth Rs.17,000/-.Invoice value is Rs.17000/- (its incl. Rs.6,000/- freight), duty for this is Rs.4500/- (its seperate).Kindly tel me how to pass entry for the above?

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dear i want basic a\C's oriented question. these are asking in mostly all mnc companies


What is meant by forex P&L a/c.?

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what is the financial year of providend fund? please tell me return form no. for p.f.and esic?

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If We Paid For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,which Voucher It Entered?

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hello friends i like to know journal entry for one loan transaction ie if you purchase a car for EMI with initial payment how to make first entry & monthly entry any thing is there? pls reply to me.

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please explain all accounting concepts n conventions in detail

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what is the amount withdrawlfrom other cbs branch by multicity chequ book.


What are the effects of international accounting standards on accounting practices of developing nations?


what is the method deposit of wct in Delhi


What are control ledgers?


if we have provision for bad debts and RDD then on which amount we have to calculate RDD original or deducted?


hi to all.... what is the treatment for Work-In-Progress in Tally...please answer for it as early as possible... thanks & regards


List of Indian accounting standards and international financial reporting standards


How can pass reverse entry to close the account. If the Asset sides is greater then liabilities side and vice versa, then what can I do.


The claim recoverable has been settled with the insurance company for 2000.what is the actual stock lost value? Please give me in calculation.


Is there a difference between accounting for conversion of bonds and accounting for the conversion of preferred stock?


Can u please send me a set of accounting base questoin with answer,genraly ask by interviewer?


Give ONE reason for Balance Sheet to be out of balance


What is the definition of accounting?


what are the extraordinary items?


What is tds and how it is calculated?