Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is real account and its advantages

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Describe the P&L Account?

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What is the journal entry for sundry debtors

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note for sundry debotrs and sundry creditors

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in tally software payroll vouchers option is there for what purpose it is used ? please tell me friends.


hi friends i went one interview yesturday Hr is asked " r u have experince in payroll accounts " what is this experience i cant understand pls post the answer?

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how to prepare balance sheet pls tell me?

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if a company purchased cell phones for employees how to treat that expenses is it asset for the company under which ledger it will come pls tell me friends?

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what is meant by statutory payments?

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hi friends how many types of vouchers there i know cash voucher, debit voucher, credit voucher, journal vourcher, purchase voucher, sales vouchers, if any other voucher is there pls tell me friends

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what is cost center option in tally what purpose it is used?

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what is the difference between backup and restore in tally software pls tell me friends?

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how to prepare trial balance?

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How to calculate ESI pls give with example? and Professional tax give with example brother?

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what is the difference between cheque dishounerd and cheque bounced?


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Entry Tax is Central Income or State Income. Which Challan this tax deposited ? In Sale Tax Return which column is shown this tax


How to group the companies in tally?


can any accountant forward format of daily or monthly mis format for accounts and finance dept!!


what is gl a/c? & why is it maintain


How can you made payment when bill come from vendor, what is the bills have you check.


what is current rate of excies duty for a manufacturing company?


pass journal entry for Prepaid insurance


what are the adjustments and treatment with connection to the profit and loss appropriation accounts and how they do?


explain circumstances under which dissolution of solvent and insolvent partners are applicable using garners v/s murray rule


Journalize the Following: 1. The following were purchased on account: a. Materials $ 10,000 b. Office supplies $ 2,000 c. Small tools $ 1,000


Alex’s Trial Balance at 31 December 2015 Dr (BWP) Cr (BWP) Capital 18 240 Bank overdraft 3 000 Fixtures and fittings 14 100 Provision for depreciation-fixtures and fittings 8 800 Inventory 14 200 Trade receivables 12 300 Trade payables 9 900 Revenue 110 000 Purchases 51 000 Discount received 1 800 Wages and salaries 26 000 Sundry expenses 34 000 Discount allowed 620 217 540 ======= 86 420 ======== Required: i Prepare the corrected trial balance at 31 December 2015. (7 marks) ii Show any difference you find as a balance on an appropriate account.


How do we calculate the cost of investment?


please explain all accounting concepts n conventions in detail


If a transaction was missed completly how do you find it?


hai everone,can anyone send me the accounting ,finance,general interview questions for mba freshers plz.....urjent