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i need clarification about tds will be calculate before deductions or after deductions on gross salary+incentive


Topic contra entry; How to post cash withdrawn from bank for office work? the journals to be passed?


What is R2R Cycle?


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How you classify bank Account?

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Where do we create House banks and what is the process in sap fico


How to post salary advance transfer from one branch to another branch ?


what do you mean by Firm


sold goods on credit rs 10000


What is mis report , how to prepare mis report for general ledger?


a person have to buy 2kg items out of 4 differnt price tag item i.e potatoo rs. 10 kg, onion rs. 5 kg , radish rs. 1 kg, and chilli rs. 1 kg in rs 10 how can he do


one bank account transaction example ebanking raj medical 500000 dr. second bank account ebanking raj medical 500000 cr what is the entry in tally erp can it is contra contry or not please explain


ram paid to cheque rs 25000/- for comission what is the entry in tally can in this entry tds will deduct then what is the entry in tally and which voucher


in tally ,professional fees head will come under which income group ,direct or indirect if the business of owner is designing work or related to creativity


payment voucher for advance salary


hi all I am new here, I would like to ask one question. when a company (MNC) is following more than one accounting principle then what are the areas we need to change in sap.

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what is the entry for toll gate fee


What is a contra entry


How do we calculate the cost of investment?


what is debit balance report in SAP?. how do you describe DB report in brief.


What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat Cheque dishonoured?


One Institute, after completion of course not issue any certificate to students, they issued certificate from other branded institute with cost (Kindly provide the term of this expenditure to appear in P&L a/c)


examole of cash to cash contra entry


How Advances to suppliers for purchase of raw materials is to be considered while calculating Drawing Power


What is the use of 2a, 2b & 2c form in CST ?


whether sale and purhases of cf agent are his and he is liablte to pay VAT on sale of goods and pay the tax to govt collected by him one more being receiving commission of saleproceed during the year whose stock would be it it is of c f agent or principal manufctrurer who has send the goods to sold on his behalf


is WCT aplicable on educational institutions also??????


In the absence of any provision in the partnership agreement, profits and losses are shared (a) In the ratio of capitals. (b) Equally. (c) In the ratio of loans given by them to the partnership firm. (d) None of the above.


what is cost center & cost categories in tally


In tally when accounts with inventory ,when working in units of measurement under this after creating unit ,if we want to change the unit due to some mistake why does the cursor does not stop in the decimal field? And why the used units do not get deleted in the alter section?


can we credit depreciation of the year to the general reserves in a balance sheet of that year? and also enlist some relevant documents or standards?