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Exchange Server Interview Questions
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What types of permissions are configurable for exchange

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How can you grant access for an administrator to access all mailboxes on a specific server

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What is the Send as permission?

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What other management tools are used to manage and control exchange 2003? Name the tools you’d use

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What are exchange Recipient types ? Name 5

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"You created a mailbox for a user, yet the mailbox does not appear in ESM. Why?"

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"You wanted to change mailbox access permissions for a maiobox, yet you see the self permission alone on the permissions list. Why?"

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What are Query Based Distribution groups?

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What type of groups would you use when configuring distribution groups in a mulitiple domain forest?

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Name a few configuration option for exchange recipients.


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What are system public folders? Where would you find them?

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How would you plan and configure Public folder redundancy?

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How can you immediately stop PF replication?


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Who can you prevent PF referral across slow WAN links?

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What types of Pf management tools might you use?

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Un-Answered Questions { Exchange Server }

What are the different editions of exchange server 2007?


What are the new owa hot keys?


What is the autodiscover service?


How can I get a list of connection agreements in exchange 2003 adc?


Will I have to buy new hardware to run exchange server 2007?


How do I move the log files?


Explain the exchange 2003 forestprep?


How can you tell how many days remain until the evaluation copy of exchange 2000 server expires?


Will an in place upgrade from exchange 2000 remove the m: drive?


What are the editions available in exchange server 2013?


How can I merge multiple directories to create a unified exchange organization?


What is the difference between exchange 2003 and windows 2003?


How do I access my microsoft exchange email online?


Can I use exchange 2003 tools to manage exchange 5.5 and exchange 2000 servers?


Is there an easier way to move mailboxes grouped by