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Exchange Server Interview Questions
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How would you achieve incoming mail redundancy?

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What are the 4 types of exchange backups?

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What is difference between exchange 2003 standard & Enterprise Edition.


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In Exchange 2003 standard edition. how many Storage groups & groups are in exchange.

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could any one explain how that process works in software. i mean dev, prod, QA and QC and consolidations phases in real time ?


what are disk considerations when installing excahnge 2003


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How to retreive emails from mail server if the emails have been deleted unfortunately?


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In My Organization we are using the exchange server 2003 AND A. We are using the webmail and also outlook 2003. Outlook and webmail are asking frequently user name and password. what are the steps need to be taken to resolve this problem. Plz Help me...?


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What is bridgehead servers? How it is working?

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Tel me the Features of the Exchange Server 2007?


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Tel me a bit about Site replication in the AD? what is th e meaning of the cost in the AD site replication.


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How to upgrade the AD server 2003 & Ex 2003 to Ad server 2008 & Ex server 2007

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i want to proper sentence in Active directory what is a forest? what is a Domain?

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what is system public folders in Exchange server 2003

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what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003

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How do I disable potions of the owa interface?


How do I restrict a user or domain from sending mail to my users?


Can I back up the exifs drive using nt backup or another backup application?


What do I get with the exchange enterprise cal vs. The exchange standard cal?


What do I need in order to install exchange 2003?


Explain how do I disable the “automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy” on all users or contacts?


Explain how do I control the format of the addresses before the @ sign in a recipient policy?


What are the minimum hardware requirements for exchange 2003?


What are the mailbox server and database level improvements in exchange server 2010 sp1?


Why when I try to add an additional mailbox store do I receive the following error? This storage group already contains the maximum number of stores allowed. Idno: c1034a7a


Can I upgrade from the evaluation edition of exchange 2003 enterprise server to the rtm standard version of exchange 2003 server?


What is managed store in exchange 2013?


Is there any way to append a text message to all out bound email for exchange 2003?


Why must I deploy an exchange 2007 server that has the client access server role installed in every active directory site that contains user mailboxes?


What additional queues have been exposed?