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Exchange Server Interview Questions
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What are the differences between administrative permissions and clint permissions in PF?

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How can you configure PF replication from the command prompt in exchange 2003

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What are the message hygiene options you can use natigely in exchange 2003?

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What are the configuration options in IMF?

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What are virtual servers? When would you use more than one?

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Name some of the SMTP Virtual server configuration options.

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What is a Mail Relay? Name a few known mail relay software or hardware options.

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What is a smart host? Where would you configure it?

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What are Routing Groups? When would you the them?

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What are the types of connectors you can use in exchange?

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What is the cost option in exchange connections?

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What is the link state table? Who would you view it?

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How would you configure mail transfer security between 2rouling groups?


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What is the Rouging Group master? Who holds that role?

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Explain the configuration steps required to allow exchange 2003 to send and receive email from the internet consider a one site multiple server sccnario.

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How do I limit the maximum amount of messages the smtp queue can hold?


Explain how do I limit the maximum amount of messages the smtp queue can hold?


Explain how do I remove the adc after moving all of my users to an exchange 2003 server?


Can I upgrade exchange 5.5 in place to exchange 2003?


Explain what is the stm file?


Explain what are the new owa hot keys?


Explain the exchange 2003 forestprep?


How do you recover one sql server database or one exchange mailbox?


What is happening with public folders?


Will I have to buy new hardware to run exchange server 2007?


how do I get the exchange advanced tab in active directory users and computers?


What are the archiving options introduced in exchange server 2010?


Explain how do I disable the “automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy” on all users or contacts?


Can I upgrade from the evaluation edition of exchange 2003 enterprise server to the rtm standard version of exchange 2003 server?


What are the new owa hot keys?