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Scripts Errors Interview Questions
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i have my general error it not an scripts error folder called regsvr.exe which resides in windows and also it is running behind when when ever i start my system. i thought i would be a virus ,but i gone with many antivirus that never shows me any error. i not able to delete the folder.

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U have 8 balls, all have the same in size, 7 have same weight & 8th have weight slightly more.How can u find the ball which have slightly more weight by using a balance & only 2 weightings ?

ANZ, Google,

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If u look at the mirror image of a clock & the time showing is 2:07 what is the angel between the hour hand & minute hand ? Is it possitive or negative?

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My question is in FLASH I will take 10 or 5 questions and last I will give my username and password and also I will give score to the answers which user submitted and that too the score and details of of the user should come in separate file, this entire thing should be done in Flash only. Is it possibe?


Process of resolving a specific problem Problem helps to enhance your ability to live life happily. Yes, it looks stupid when somebody say something like this. But it is true. If you say, “how?” I explain how. When there is a problem in ones life, he tries to solve it. Once he solves the problem the satisfaction of solving the problem which he feels has no words. You can see it in his eyes, on his face, in his footsteps, and not the least all around where he is. So tell me, it works? So never give up in your life. Live the life with problem, because life’s other name is problem. No one on the earth saying he or she has no problem. One who does not say that I have problem but try hard to solve the problem is the person who live life happily. There are two system of solving the particular problems. One is: solve intuitively. Two is: solve systematically. From my point of view, solving the problem systematically is much easier, more balanced and logical. To solve the problem systematically there are some instruction like relaxing head for some time, think on problem and the solution. One must not mix two things together in such a way that you can not differentiate them. If essential, there should be different solutions for different problems. In solve problem systematically, one come across five types of questions or we can view it as steps to solve the problem. They are: 1 What are the sources of problem is means “establish the goal”: “To live is to have problems and to solve problems is to grow intellectually.” (J. P. Guilford) No problem exists in the absence of an objective. We need to know exactly what and where we want to arrive at in order for us to properly determine our track and direction. Knowing our direction is an important aspect in problem solving, as what Diana Ross said, “Do you know where you’re going to?” 2 What the problem is exactly means “identify and define the problem”: “Microsoft is company that manages imagination” (Bill Gates). It is definitely related to imagination i.e. asking ourselves what is the problem and to seek to understand more why we think there is the problem is recognized what caused it in order for us to get an objective. 3 What are the solutions of problem means “set your priorities”: “The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas” (Linus Pauling) Bifurcation between which solutions are “must” and which are “want” is difficult task. The solution which must be taken to solve the problem is listed out. Therefore it is said that “the only joy in the world is to begin.” (Cesare Pavese). 4. Which solution is best among all means “brainstorm for solution”: “That human mind is like a parachute – it functions better when it is open.” (Cole’s Rules) As per this narration, I can say that brainstorm for the solution to the problem is must. When you ask for the opinion of other, you can decide upon what to do and don’t. 5. What action to be taken to solve the problem means “plan your course of action”: “It is not enough to just do your best or work hard. You must know what to work on” (W. Edwards Deming). Plan your course of action with regard to the resources needed to implement the solution. In Living a Life That Matters, Harold S. Kushner (the Massachusetts rabbi whose best selling books include When Bad Things Happen to Good People) suggests that the most successful lives are the ones that most effectively manage and resolve that problem. In a nutshell, to solve the particular problem, Rene Descartes says that “It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.” FIND OUT GRAMMATICAL ERROR?

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according to class7 how can we give description on pendrive?


I would like to if there is any vb script to populate my values in the application.Example i will input the data in two 2 rows a & b.I need script where the data in a or b have to populate in my application if my a = nothing and b = 1 or a = 1 or b = nothing.I would be glab if someone can help me here.


Any body can tel me how to display a Frame Link of a page in Another Frame? For Clearance of my dought..... I designed a BSP page with 3 frames as shown below. -------------------------------- | | | Frame 1 | | | -------------------------------- | Frame 2 | Frame 3 | | | | | Link 1 | | | Link 2 | | | Link 3 | | | | | -------------------------------- Now in Frame 1 i displayed one page.. And in Frame 2 i displayed one page with some links. Now when i clicked on any Link in Frame 2 that corresponding Page has to display in Frame 3. In general HTML i know...But in BSP i don't know that much since i am new to this... plz any solutions...thanks a lot.... Regards, Shankar.


I have got one job selection order from DECON ENGG(HRD), he told me to send 2000 rs of demand draff i have send the demand draff after some time a got a job selection order in banglore but he have written that u have to give 550 rs of Guidency fees in bangalore i dont understant what to do



hi can any one tell me.... do we need to use color catridge also in HP Deskjet 630C series printer.... i have kept only black catridge but its not working.......


well i dont have toefl and gre scor all that stuff, and i have 7 backlogs, tell me the chances of getting the visa.


how can i write script for sending mail

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Red Hat Linux4.0 configuring in telnet server. Another one Linux system called via telnet . But not connecting in first system.


Red Hat Linux connecting via windows system used for x manger software installed in windows system. X manager via calling for Linux system.


Windows xp operating system . Remove some unnecessary software or any packages not removed in windows xp.


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when will we use lsmw , bdc and bapi? which will be easy to use and which is used for which type of data


Sir, I apply sbi clerk exams(07/09/09)But I did a mistake to enter my date of birth(correct 04.01.1985 / wrong 04.01.1984).please give me suggestions please. Thanking you, Bhushan.B


well i dont have toefl and gre scor all that stuff, and i have 7 backlogs, tell me the chances of getting the visa.


hi, i am trying to do modular test tree in winrunner but i am getting error like "Error in the Expression list",can you please tell e what kind of error is this? thanks.


hi all, I am in the process of learning qtp. i havve windows vista in my system whenever i try to run flight reservation application , i am getting the following error "Operation must use an updateable query Fractional truncation (null) . And am unable to open Mercury tours web application due to some other error Can anyone help me please


dear sir I want singal maintainer(iii& ii) solved question paper in every year in every board in rrb. If you collect these and sent these my mail-id i shall very grateful to you. thanking you your's faithfully soma saha


The employee runs big client-server applications and must quickly transfer large files. The company wants the best cost/benefit on this connection. What would be the most practical solution?


hi pp gurus, when i do the goods receipt through transiction MIGO the system, gives following error. I filled up all information that needs MIGO transiction. the error is: "Account determination for entry INT GBB___AUF 7900 not possible." can any one suggest me what to do now?


I worked with $message and $$message, Bt its not working?..


hi can any one tell me.... do we need to use color catridge also in HP Deskjet 630C series printer.... i have kept only black catridge but its not working.......


hii..i am doin a project called Forecaster..wat it does is it asks user to enter a zip code..then it establishes urlconnection with a weather website n fetches data n data is converted into graphical representation..but it doesnt show any output..i am not able it figure out the reason..can u plzzzz help me out..i am givin u code import*; import java.awt.*; import*; import java.awt.image.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class Forecast extends Frame { OkCancelDialog textDialog; BufferedImage image = null; public static void main(String[] args) { new Forecast(); } public Forecast() { String zip =""; File zipFile = new File("zip.txt"); String hiTemperature[] = new String[4]; String loTemperature[] = new String[4]; try { if(zipFile.exists()){ FileReader filereader = new FileReader("zip.txt"); BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(filereader); zip = bufferedreader.readLine(); } else { textDialog = new OkCancelDialog(this, "Enter your five-digit zip code", true); textDialog.setVisible(true); zip =; FileOutputStream fileoutputstream = new FileOutputStream("zip.txt"); fileoutputstream.write(zip.getBytes()); } int character; URL url = new URL ("" + zip); URLConnection urlconnection = url.openConnection(); InputStream in = urlconnection.getInputStream(); String input = ""; String hiSearch; String loSearch; String inchar; char[] cc = new char[1]; while ((character = != -1) { char z = (char)character; cc[0] = z; inchar = new String(cc); input += inchar; } in.close(); if(input.indexOf("Hi ") >= 0){ hiSearch = "Hi "; } else{ hiSearch= "Hi: "; } int currentPosition = 0; for(int loopIndex = 0; loopIndex < 4; loopIndex++){ int location = input.indexOf(hiSearch, currentPosition); int end = input.indexOf("°", location); hiTemperature[loopIndex] = input.substring(location + hiSearch.length(), end); currentPosition = end + 1; } if(input.indexOf("Lo ") >= 0){ loSearch = "Lo "; } else{ loSearch= "Lo: "; } currentPosition = 0; for(int loopIndex = 0; loopIndex < 4; loopIndex++){ int location = input.indexOf(loSearch, currentPosition); int end = input.indexOf("°", location); loTemperature[loopIndex] = input.substring(location + loSearch.length(), end); currentPosition = end + 1; } boolean evening = false; if(input.indexOf(loSearch) < input.indexOf(hiSearch)){ evening = true; hiTemperature[3] = hiTemperature[2]; hiTemperature[2] = hiTemperature[1]; hiTemperature[1] = hiTemperature[0]; } image = new BufferedImage(225, 201, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB); Graphics2D g = image.createGraphics(); g.setColor(Color.white); g.fillRect(0, 0, 224, 201); g.setColor(Color.gray); for(int loopIndex = 0; loopIndex < 21; loopIndex++){ g.drawLine(25, loopIndex * 10, 224, loopIndex * 10); g.drawLine(loopIndex * 10 + 25, 0, loopIndex * 10 + 25, 199); } g.setColor(; Font font = new Font("Courier", Font.PLAIN, 18); g.setFont(font); for(int loopIndex = 20; loopIndex < 200; loopIndex += 20){ g.drawString(String.valueOf(100 - loopIndex / 2), 0, loopIndex + 5); } g.setColor(; if(!evening){ g.drawOval(65 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( hiTemperature[0]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); } g.drawOval(105 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( hiTemperature[1]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawOval(145 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( hiTemperature[2]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawOval(185 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( hiTemperature[3]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); if(!evening){ g.drawLine(65, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( hiTemperature[0]) * 2), 105, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(hiTemperature[1]) * 2)); } g.drawLine(105, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(hiTemperature[1]) * 2), 145, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(hiTemperature[2]) * 2)); g.drawLine(145, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(hiTemperature[2]) * 2), 185, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(hiTemperature[3]) * 2)); g.setColor(; g.drawOval(65 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( loTemperature[0]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawOval(105 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( loTemperature[1]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawOval(145 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( loTemperature[2]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawOval(185 - 4, 200 - (Integer.parseInt( loTemperature[3]) * 2) - 4, 8, 8); g.drawLine(65, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[0]) * 2), 105, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[1]) * 2)); g.drawLine(105, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[1]) * 2), 145, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[2]) * 2)); g.drawLine(145, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[2]) * 2), 185, 200 - (Integer.parseInt(loTemperature[3]) * 2)); g.setColor(Color.white); g.fillRect(55, 160, 140, 30); g.setColor(; g.drawRect(55, 160, 140, 30); font = new Font("Courier", Font.PLAIN, 12); g.setFont(font); g.drawString("Four-Day Forecast", 65, 172); font = new Font("Courier", Font.PLAIN, 9); g.setFont(font); g.drawString("Source: Nat. Weather Srvce.", 58, 185); setTitle("The Forecaster"); setResizable(false); setSize(250, 240); setVisible(true); this.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){ public void windowClosing( WindowEvent e){ System.exit(0); } } ); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); } } public void paint(Graphics g) { if(image != null){ g.drawImage(image, 10, 30, this); } } } class OkCancelDialog extends Dialog implements ActionListener { Button ok, cancel; TextField text; public String data; OkCancelDialog(Frame hostFrame, String title, boolean dModal) { super(hostFrame, title, dModal); setSize(280, 100); setLayout(new FlowLayout()); text = new TextField(30); add(text); ok = new Button("OK"); add(ok); ok.addActionListener((ActionListener)this); cancel = new Button("Cancel"); add(cancel); cancel.addActionListener(this); data = new String(""); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) { if(event.getSource() == ok){ data = text.getText(); } else { data = ""; } setVisible(false); } }


I want singal maintainer(iii& ii) solved question paper in every year in every board in rrb. If you collect these and sent these my mail-id i shall very grateful to you.


how to run the application using winrunner for data driven test?


a pleasant evening. i would like to ask a question about yellow journalism. This is another term for sensationalism right? i just wanted to know a lot of articles or studies with regards to the effect this yellow journalism could effect the interpretation of the students,especially college students who are taking Communication course. please help me answer this.


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